NT$ 15,000 for a PB G4 - Should I buy it?

My wife needs a notebook - primarily for email and making presentations.

A friend of a friend is offering to sell a mint condition PowerBook G4 for NT$ 15,000. It only has 512 RAM so it’s a bit slow for me, but it certainly is a thing of beauty.

Is this a good price for a PowerBook. I’m a Windows devotee, so I don’t really appreciate irrational Mac mania - the seller is saying that because of the condition of the notebook, if we maintain it, in a few years, we can re-sell it to collectors for a lot more.

Is he pulling my leg?

That sounds like a good price. I don’t know many incarnations of the G4 Powerbook they had, but the latest one was selling for $40k not too long ago before the Macbook announcement. You could check out eBay and see what they’re going for now.

The big disadvantage of buying a used laptop, though, is that usually the battery has lost its ability to hold a charge. And you should definitely upgrade the RAM to at least 1 gig.

No, he’s not pulling your leg. He’s lying through his teeth.

Had I not just bought an iBook, I would buy it and upgrade the RAM.

Friend paid 12000 for one yesterday. Extra 3k for the wireless thingie though.