NT$60 for 3 potatoes!

Damn, I’m sick of the inflated vegetable prices in this country. I needed a couple of potatoes for soup this weekend:NT$60 for 3 potatoes in Welcome! Tomatoes are currently around NT$80 for 4. Fuck the local produce, give us the cheap imports or was the WTO just another exercise in Tawan’s hubris?

The tomatoes in Welcome are shi@e go to the local market and haggle with the old ladies, they sell good fruit and vegetables, a lot cheaper too!


[quote=“Closet Queen”]I needed a couple of potatoes[/quote]Has Dan Quayle’s misspelling scarred you for life? :wink:

All veggie prices have soared since typhoon season. About 20~30% increase down here.

I loathe the local markets. A morning spent in a dirty, rat-infested, stinky low building getting pushed and shoved by aggressive women and their trolleys is not the way to start a day.

Bu dong?

Vege prices went up due to moon festival.

this morning at traditional market in Tainan:

3 BIG potatoes, 2 big yellow onions = $NT60.00

plus the woman threw in 4 red chilies, a chunk of fresh ginger and three
big green onion stalks.

trad markets are the place to shop. use a smile and a good attitude.

Well, yes, if you do your shopping at 9 AM… The traditional vegetable/meat/illegal vcd markets will susally shut down by noon…

Local potatoes are expensive and not good. Sometimes the local Aimai will have imported ones - better, firmer, smaller, but even more pricey…

I usually shop the local trad market <0800…usually on the way home from the gym.

Veg prices are up. Tomatoes are just starting to come back, but quality is low except for the real small round ones…salad type.

I try to eat whats fresh and buy that.

You can buy 10 pounds of quality Idaho spuds for under 200NT at the Kaoshuing Costco…

RT Mart has the imported higher quality red potatoes for 69/bag of 7 small potatoes. I hate to shop for vegetables in Wellcome because they are total cheats. They often have some spoiled/rotten pieces mixed into a package with the spoiled part hidden against the white packaging so you dont see it til you open the package.

[quote=“Limey”]The tomatoes in Welcome are shi@e go to the local market and haggle with the old ladies, they sell good fruit and vegetables, a lot cheaper too!


Limey, nice avatar…Catemena.com is still one of the best out there

Quayle bashers,
Please keep this thread on-topic i.e. about vegetables in Taiwan.

Traditional markets are fine. If you’re in the ShiDa area, there’s a couple of stands that stay open pretty late (ie. late afternoon/early evening). It’s in an alley next to the Wellcome near ShiDa Rd. and Roosevelt Rd.

Side note 1: For RT-Mart and those awesome red potatoes, it’s $59. I just bought 2 bags for some cajun cooking.

Side note 2: Seafood peeps, ask your local friends about the fish market here in Taipei near Minzu E. Rd. and JianGuo N. Rd. Better quality and cheaper, though ya do have to want to cook yourself. But hey, one must do what one must do if you want the proper cajun flavor. :slight_smile: