NTNU Teachers

I am signed up for Normal Taiwan National Univeristy’s Spring term to learn Mandarin, and I wanted to know if there are any teachers that I should avoid? also, are there any teachers that are great that I should try to get?


This may not be much help, but in 1995-6 I had a great teacher Wu, a woman, Taiwanese, in her mid forties I guess at the time. Unfortunately I don’t know her full name. She taught a newspaper reading class. She was good fun, and interested in the students. I would recommend her classes but unfortunately the information I have supplied may not help you identify her.

This may or may not be helpful to you, but if you have a chance, why not hang out in the lounge area at NTNU some day for an hour or two? You should have plenty of chance to ask people about the teachers they like or dislike that way. I’m sure most would be willing to share their opinions. If you just walk around like you belong there, no one’s going to say anything (right now there seem to be quite a few new students anyway and everyone’s lost so no one would notice).

I was there so long ago that probably most of my teachers have retired or run screaming from the building by now. (Actually they probably wanted to do that when they were trying to teach me!) :wink: