NTU Swimming pool

  1. Which MRT Stop?
  2. What is the address actually?
  3. What is the telephone number?
  4. How much does it cost?
  5. What are the hours of operation?
  6. Is it usually crowded?

If you are talking about the one in the new NTU Gymnasium, it is on the south east corner of Xinsheng S. Rd and Xinhai Rd. Exit Gonguan, walk north on Roosevelt, make a right on Xinsheng and walk down a bit. It’ll be on your right (just past the sports field)… You can’t miss it, its a pretty huge dome.

Gong Guan MRT, exit 3, then walk down Xinsheng South Rd until you see the sports centre.

Costs NT$50 per entry if you are a student of NTU, not sure for outsiders.
It’s not that crowded unless there is a class on.

anybody know how much it costs for non-students? I heard it was pretty crazy expensive… like NT 500-800 or something…

I heard a rumour that it’s 10x for non-students… but it would make things rediculously priced.

If you can speak a little chinese… you can call them up and ask.

10000 for half year access to the outdoor pool

split into summer and winter sessions

Damn thats fuggin expensive.

400 for students.