Nuclear Power Debate

Thats poor planning, not bad tech.

Space usage is real. Thank god we have thousands of square kilometers of rooftops that could be utilized.

The dumb ass move by taiwan in putting solar fields in farmland had to be intentionally done by the pro nuclear groups to intentionally derail the solar the solar industry. No one with an iq over 20 thinks that is wise.

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Another bonus is it would cut down on AC usage because the solar panel would block sunlight that would have been used to heat up the rooms below it. A lot of Taiwanese puts rooftop panels over buildings for this reason.

Definately some shading. I visited an architects random projects in Taidong a couple years back and they are making houses with an extra layer of steel (metal skin translated) with 20cm or so spave between and vents placed where wind is directed. The houses were amazingly cool.

Land size. You can’t compare Taiwan with Canada on that front.

Clearly, that was talking about hydro and just the general shitting on green energy when hydro is actually amazingly successful.

The post above yours is talking about taiwans land size and solar.

In fact it is vecause of taiwans tiny land nass, vuilding solar farms low and on farmland is tge definition of retarded. Just saying that doesnt make solar bad, that makes the countrys people look like idiots.