Nude in Taiwan

Can a woman strip and show her breasts in Taiwan without arrest? Can men do the same? Does anybody give a shit?

Considering the fact that they totally edit any booby shots on local cable I don’t think a woman would be able to do that. Never even seen someone here do it while breastfeeding (whereas back home that was quite common).
Men showing their “breasts”? That would just be going shirtless, right? Sure, no problem. Lots of old guys around my neighborhood do that in the summer. Even with the white vest over the shoulder sitting in the park.

Personally, I’m all for equal rights. If the men are allowed to do it, I say the ladies should be extended the same courtesies! :whistle:

As someone who breastfead in public in Taiwan, I can say that it must be done very discretely, or it’s going to cause some stares and not so kind comments. Most people are okay, but there are some real sticks in the mud. And to my knowledge, I never bared an entire brest in the endevor.

Local guys down south show their breasts all the time. I LOVE dragon boat races cause they’re not just bare, they’re flexing!! hehe. What little there is to flex, anyway. :neutral:

Wow, I’ve honestly never seen anyone do that in Taiwan. Personally, I wouldn’t object to that because I’m a big fan of children being breastfed and honestly don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s not like it’s sexual in nature, and when I have seen it done in public the mother’s in question have usually covered up what needs to be covered up.

Besides, I really don’t understand the problem with naked breasts. I find it extremely anal that they insist on editing even the slightest show of breasts on TV. It’s ridiculous. Editing sex to protect small children I can understand, but breasts? I just don’t get it. :idunno:

oh, please

nude in the streets, that is so old-school in Taiwan!

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1)did she really do strip or just promise to?

  1. and did she win?


Guess things have changed. 20 years ago lots of women could be seen breastfeeding their babies on trains and other public places. IT used to be a pretty common sight. Never bothered me any :slight_smile:

Now they had to draft a new law prohibiting dept stores and the such from forbidding breast feeding.

Taiwan is going all PC.

What about those old-style funerals where they hire strippers to entertain the mourners and make the deceased happy in the afterlife? It seems to me ‘old-fashioned’ in Taiwan means more nudity, not less.

If I could find a place to feed my son privatly, and not at any large inconvience, I did. If not, I just threw a blanket over my shoulder. Usually, if someone noticed what was happening, they asked me, incredibly, who’s baby I was feeding! I fed him in bathrooms (at upscale places with sofas in the room), in stairwells, and sometimes right at the table in a resturant. We were having dinner out once with some friends when the other woman asked me if I didn’t need to excuse myself and feed the baby yet. She was shocked when I told her I’d been feeding him for the past twenty minutes already! Neither of them had even noticed. It doesn’t have to be a show. But I wasn’t going to feed my son on a toilet, either.

It IS very healthy and very natural. And that blurring of any portion of a breast business just draws un-necessary attention to the breast! Silly.

There is a lady that always goes to a coffeeshop in the nude. Or, she takes her coat off once she’s in the shop. It’s a little coffeeshop in Shida on the same side as Roxy Jnr. She has to sit on her coat though…of course. I was drawing a picture for the owner of the restaurant and she came up to my table…snatch right in my face. That was a bit gross…but otherwise I wasn’t as surprised as when I see some old man with pants pulled up to his saggy manboobs.

HC I breastfed everywhere in Taiwan (parks, stores and buses, MRTs) and only got support from everyone! Men would just not look, and the old women would come and peer, the 20 sths found it fascinating. Only 30 year old women who did not breastfeed their kids would be slightly uncomfortable or say things like we would never do that.

However, I tried not baring anything.

Why is the OP asking? Can women show their breasts in other countries?? Not where I come fro…I mean if she wants to have a normal life afterwards.

If you just strip in the public I think you may be prosecuted for “public indecency”, same as the US. Breastfeeding is different.

I’m a little surprised and disappointed that women mentioned the subject of breastfeeding in this thread (I would have expected a man, not a woman, to mention it), because I would have thought it should be irrelevant here. Most women who do so try to be very discreet and others would hardly even know what they’re doing and, besides, that’s a matter of being a good mother and providing good nutrition to a baby. Anyway, enough of that, as it’s not relevant.

But, as for public nudity in Taiwan, yes, it’s my understanding it does happen from time to time – “artists” doing body painting on sexy young girls, surrounded by a crowd of media photographers and other gawkers; ocassional strippers at funerals and other events; binglang girls almost letting it all hang out; that foreign exhibitionist, Kiko Wu, who got naked in a few locations in Taiwan before being thrown out of the country (or whatever similar fate she suffered), etc. – but I think for the most part public nudity is illegal here the same as in most countries (as divea noted).

Btw, battery9, your post was interesting from a sociological perspective, but it would be much more useful if you were to post the address and optimal showtimes. :wink:

I can’t remember the name of the store…it has a mouse on the outside…it’s super small…down one of the alleys on the same side as Roxy Jnr. She’s just a customer there…was there twice in the 5 times I went there.

35.000 kiosks - average of 2 girls 2 shifts - Except from Taipei- close to the foundation of the law -, all either wear less, or transparent clothing.
You honestly do not believe that the binlang culturewould survive without BOOBS no?
Soften the law on boobs, reduce the binlang and its cancer effect, win on health and same time decrease car accidents. ( :astonished: :no-no: )

Fuck, this is no rocket science. We have nude beaches in where I coem from, and at the end, no one pays attention anymore.

Anyway, the boob thing? One of other Hypocritical findings here on the Rock.

35.000 kiosks - average of 2 girls 2 shifts - Except from Taipei- close to the foundation of the law -, all either wear less, or transparent clothing.
You honestly do not believe that the binlang culturewould survive without BOOBS no?
Soften the law on boobs, reduce the binlang and its cancer effect, win on health and same time decrease car accidents. ( :astonished: :no-no: )

Fuck, this is no rocket science. We have nude beaches in where I coem from, and at the end, no one pays attention anymore.

Anyway, the boob thing? One of other Hypocritical findings here on the Rock.[/quote]

Can’t fully agree here. I visited (fully) nude beaches in Holland but always found it pretty annoying to have those “geezer immigrants” whose eyeballs sometimes hang on their hairy chest. They would be fully dressed and keep walking up and down that stretch. :bluemad:

Never seen any breast feeding here. If mainly covered, I don’t mind at all but sometimes it seems they have to hang out that whole pancake, just to show the world what they are doing. To me that feels like when I take a leak on a tree when the need is very high and I decide to lower my pants on my knees and swing out that thing to give my bladder some relief. For sure unwanted and rude. :no-no:

I know in Summer there is nude sunbathing on the beaches East of Dan Shui (North Coast) but always behind those wind fences so sort of out of sight. :sunglasses:

Wasn’t there a thread on the does and donts of breastfeeding in Taiwan like 6 months ago on here?

Well, it can be difficult to get one’s gaze just right…

[quote=“Italo Calvino”]
Mr. Palomar is walking along a lonely beach. He encounters few bathers. One young woman is lying on the sand taking the sun, her bosom bared. Palomar, discreet by nature, looks away at the horizon of the sea. He knows that in such circumstances, at the approach of a strange man, women often cover themselves hastily, and this does not seem right to him: because it is a nuisance for the woman peacefully sunbathing, and because the passing man feels he is an intruder, and because the taboo against nudity is implicitly confirmed; because half-respected conventions spread insecurity and incoherence of behavior rather than freedom and frankness.

And so, as soon as he sees in the distance the outline of the bronze-pink cloud of a naked female torso, he quickly turns his head in such a way that the trajectory of his gaze remains suspended in the void and guarantees his civil respect for the invisible frontier that surrounds people.

But – he thinks as he proceeds and resumes, the moment the horizon is clear, the free movement of his eyeballs – in acting like this, I display a refusal to see; or, in other words, I am finally reinforcing the convention that declares illicit any sight of the breast; that is to say, I create a kind of mental brassiere suspended between my eyes and that bosom, which, from the flash that reached the edge of my visual field, seemed to me fresh and pleasing to the eye. In other words, my not looking presupposes that I am thinking of that nakedness, worrying about it; and this is basically an indiscreet and reactionary attitude.

Returning from his stroll, Palomar again passes that bather, and this time he keeps his eyes fixed straight ahead, so that his gaze touches with impartial uniformity the foam of the retreating waves, the boats pulled up on shore, the great bath towel spread out on the sand, the swelling moon of lighter skin with the dark halo of the nipple, the outline of the coast in the haze, gray against the sky.

There – he reflects, pleased with himself, as he continues on his way – I have succeeded in having the bosom completely absorbed by the landscape, so that my gaze counted no more than the gaze of a seagull or a hake.

But is this really the right way to act? – he reflects further. Or does it not mean flattening the human person to the level of things, considering it an object, and, worse still, considering as an object that which in the person is the specific attribute of the female sex? Am I not perhaps perpetuating the old habit of male superiority, hardened over the years into a habitual insolence?

He turns and retraces his steps. Now, in allowing his gaze to run over the beach with neutral objectivity, he arranges it so that, once the woman’s bosom enters his field of vision, a break is noticeable, a shift, almost a darting glance. That glance goes on to graze the taut skin, withdraws, as if appreciating with a slight start the different consistency of the view and the special value it acquires, and for a moment the glance hovers in mid-air, making a curve that accompanies the swell of the breast from a certain distance, elusively but also protectively, and then runs on as if nothing had happened.

In this way I believe my position is made quite clear – Palomar thinks – with no possible misunderstandings. But couldn’t this grazing of his eyes finally be taken for an attitude of superiority, an underestimation of what a breast is and means, as if putting it aside, on the margin, or in parentheses? So I am relegating the bosom again to the semidarkness where centuries of sexo-maniacal puritanism and of desire considered sin have kept it . . .

This interpretation runs counter to Palomar’s best intentions, for though he belongs to a human generation for whom the nudity of the female bosom was associated with the idea of amorous intimacy, still he hails approvingly this change in customs, both for what it signifies as the reflection of a more broad-minded society and because this sight in particular is pleasing to him. It is this detached encouragement that he would like to be able to express with his gaze.

He does an about-face. With firm steps he walks again toward the woman lying in the sun. Now his gaze, giving the landscape a fickle glance, will linger on the breast with special consideration, but will quickly include it in an impulse of good will and gratitude for the whole, for the sun and sky, for the bent pines and the dune and the beach and the rocks and the clouds and the seaweed, for the cosmos that rotates around those haloed cusps.

This should be enough to reassure once and for all the solitary sunbather and clear away all perverse assumptions. But the moment he approaches again, she suddenly springs up, covers herself with an impatient huff, and goes off, shrugging in irritation, as if she were avoiding the tiresome insistence of a satyr.

The dead weight of an intolerant tradition prevents anyone’s properly understanding the most enlightened intentions, Palomar bitterly concludes. [/quote]

I am sure you know you are a mammal. Not a pancakal. Whatever you find rude and unwanted, defines you.

I’m nude right now.

teasing or tempting???