Number plate 4444 - consequences ? Pros and Cons?

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Sorry if the topic has already been discussed, I cannot find anything here.
The question is - if you get a number plate with 4444 for your car how will other drivers react ?
Will it make them keep safe distance and prevent scooterists from overtaking you on the right when your right turn signal is on ?
Maybe there will be some unpleasant consequences (parking outside someone’s shop will piss the owner off) ?

Wow that’s an absolute nightmare scenario for most Taiwanese locals. In fact I would imagine that the reg dept probably skip such numbers. They are probably not even on the database.

Can you order numbers, if you’ve got the money :imp: ? Quite fancy something like that, bogey-man stylee.

你死定了 :roflmao:

Me and my friend noticed recently in a large parking lot of scooters that no one has the number 4 in the license plate. I think Irishmoe is correct that they do not have it in their database.

Ducked, my local friend also told me there is no such thing as vanity plates here either as I wanted one for myself. It’s funny however seeing all the English curse words on everyone’s plates and they have no idea (COK, BUM, etc, followed by 3 numbers)

I do have heard on the news about bidding for lucky plates, like 888 or something like that. And vanity plates I think they were allowed recently, though not popular.

Varies,unfortunately ,but you can order a chosen set of numbers (subject to availability). Cost varies from County to County and some do not have the service.
We are going through a run of 44’s on our plates. Less people care ; they can change them.

just think of it as 大四禧 then you are fine

I’d do my best to avoid those numbers. It could be a legal defense here for others plowing into you.

“Judge, I am and have always been a careful driver, as well as an upstanding member of the community. I am exceedingly filial toward my parents and donate generously to my local temples. As you know, there are forces at work which operate beyond our understanding or control. So, imagine my horror when this car ominously displaying the numbers of certain doom appeared out of the blue, in front of me. Talk about mei ban fa . It was by the power of my fong shui master’s lucky charm hanging off my rear view mirror that the unavoidable collusion did not result in more serious harm.”

“The logic of the defendant’s explanation humbles the court. The driver of the car bearing the demonic license plate clearly could have foreseen this disaster yet chose to recklessly endanger the community with his craven disregard for the harmony of the water and the wind . I award the defendant 44.44 million dollars to compensate for his inconvenience and for the performance of the necessary, elaborate ritual to restore his luck.”

For many years the government prevented “4” from being used as the final digit in most types of license plates. Around 1995 the government expanded this, removing 4s from the two final digits. And in 2005 the gummit finally just gave up and said it would eliminate the use of “4” on most types of license plates.

For more information, see Taiwan to abandon use of ‘4’ on license plates and Foregoing fours forestalls misfortune: government in action.

Seems to be taking a long time to implement,as we are still registering lots of cars with 4’s in the plates.? Even mine is 4479.??

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How old is your car?

2009 .but all our cars are imported from USA or Germany or Dubai. Doesn’t matter if 6 months old ,6 years old or new,we register our cars in Taichung County and they allocate a number to us for our Customers,unless they buy an expensive 888 plate.
This ruling about no 4’s only starts with the New style extra digit plates. So I just found out from NOW there will be no 4’s !!! woohoo.

That should make the roads safer then…

Thank you ! It is a pity that number plates full of 4s seem to be not available anymore. Would have been interesting to observe how other drivers’ behavior changes upon noticing the plate. Could have been an “invisible shield” of a kind.
Another option is to paint big bright 4s on the outside of your car … but that seems to be too much of a challenge :slight_smile:

I have been looking for plates with any “4” all the way back home and couldn’t see any.

I can not imagine how terrible was to ride here before they decided to wipe out fours from roads…

Can I get a discount if I buy one with a four? Actually, I’m probably not your target market. English teacher :frowning:

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“Would Sir like the Ferrari or the Lamborghini?”. As many 4’s as you like, just pay me in Spoons

Right. I haven’t checked the latest style numbers, since a couple of months ago, but up until now at least the use of the number 4 has been common on cars anyway. According to the street the use of the number 4 on plates is no biggie, but for some they would accept a number 4 anywhere on the plate but at the beginning of the plate. “I don’t want to die [4] at the start” is what I often hear people say when I ask them.
A friend of mine was even contemplating changing her number plate after the government reissued her car with a set of new plates which have the number 4 on them until I pointed out that she isn’t even superstitious. She still drives around with the same number since that conversation. I don’t think she minds any more.

All DEAD (Number obscured, for safety. But WE KNOW what it was.)