Nutrition labels

Anyone else notice that some of the nutrition labels that Taiwan uses has different nutrition value than the original labels? I understand they are taping a chinese version to help the locals with the nutrition content of item, but why do they change the values?

Do you have a picture?

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Taiwanese suggested serving size is different.

Taiwanese serving size is 130 g

US serving size is 110 g

The numbers are correct.


The issue I have is they list the serving size, the the package often doesn’t list the package weight.

Example lays chips.


I think I remember facing the same issue in Canada. And yeah, it’s annoying.

thats 50g difference.

What are you trying to calculate there?

If you’re talking about calories, it would be 90x(130/110) to go from the calories for the U.S. portion to the calories for the Taiwanese portion, which works out as 106 calories vs. the 104 stated, but it seems ballpark correct and a lot of the values are rounded anyway.

It does seem weird for the importer to change the serving size though, especially in the direction that Taiwanese eat more than Americans. :thinking:

It means they are imported and the label is to conform to Taiwanese labeling laws.

You can eat however much you want. These are merely suggested serving sizes.

It doesn’t mean the entire package contains a set amount of serving sizes that neatly fit in the package in every country. The label says it’s 390 g. However we can’t see the whole can either. Every country’s laws are different.

The original label says about 4 serving size per container with serving size of 110. So not sure what you mean when you say “it doesn’t mean the entire package contains a set amount…”

It could be that the US has different regulations for weight and size. The Taiwanese one clearly fits the bill, but the US one doesn’t. I can’t see the whole can so I am speculating.