NWOHR Eligibility - Need Help

Hi, hoping someone would be able to help me on this as my situation is a bit complicated.

So my grandfather and grandmother moved to the Philippines from Fujian in the 1940’s. Both were ROC citizens back when the mainland was still under ROC.

Both have passed away a long time ago and long story short, with all the disarray in the family with settling in a new country, house fires, obtaining PHL citizenship back then, etc. all we were able to find was an Overseas ROC Registration (華僑登記證) booklet he had in 1946. I showed this document to TECO PH and they told me that the document can’t be used to prove ROC nationality. They referenced an FAQ in Chinese from OCAC that said because those documents were old, crude and before the ROC’s move to Taiwan there was no way for them to determine authenticity anymore.

Recently though, we found that my aunt (dad’s sister) had an expired NWOHR passport issued at Taipei from 1978 that she used when she joined a tour to Taiwan back then. We have no idea how she was able to apply or what documents from our grandparents she used to establish ROC nationality since it’s over 40 yrs old.

My dad and his siblings were all born in the Philippines and my dad never applied for a NWOHR passport all his life since he always used his Philippine passport to travel.

I’m currently living in Canada and have dual Canadian and PHL citizenship and when I contacted TECO here they told me to go to TECO PHL since that’s where my origins are. My mandarin skills are average at best so reading through all the laws and communicating with TECO has been very tough.

I’d like to know though if I can use my aunt’s expired NWOHR passport as proof of establishing ROC Nationality so me and my siblings can also get an NWOHR since my dad is old has no interest in doing it.

Any advise on a weird situation like this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

ROC changed their rules in 2005 or earlier. Before that 華僑登記證 was accepted as a proof of nationality, maybe.

Thanks @tando for replying.

Would I be able to use my aunt’s expired NWOHR passport to establish my ROC nationality?