Obama-Biden Transition Team once again Open for Questions!

change.gov/newsroom/entry/open_f … round_two/

You can submit your own questions and vote on the significance of other people’s questions. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Can’t wait to hear the sneers of cheap-labor conservatives at the implementation of actual democracy for a change! (Yeah yeah, the US is NOT a Democracy, it’s a Republic!)

Questions that won’t get answered:

[i]“You support giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens. But, each such discount given to an illegal alien represents one that’s taken away from a U.S. citizen. What would you say to a U.S. citizen who can’t go to college because of what you support?”

“You spoke at an immigration march that was organized by people linked to the Mexican government. Shouldn’t senators investigate a foreign government pushing their agenda inside the U.S., and not help that government push their agenda as you did?”

“In May, you said “hate crimes against Hispanic people doubled last year”. Even your friends at FactCheck admit that’s a lie, and when asked you were unable to document your claim. Would you care to issue a retraction?”

"Won’t millions of foreigners see the immigration “reform” you support as an amnesty, whatever euphemism you want to use? And, won’t many respond by trying to come here? And, won’t some of them die in the desert due to your “humanitarian” “reform”?

“You’re repeatedly offered a “false choice” between either mass deportations or immigration “reform”. What about attrition, a proven plan that would reduce current & future illegal immigration and which would lead to reform in the sending countries?”[/i]

More immigration questions for Barack Obama

maybe Joe Biden can give an answer while PEBO is on ‘vacation’?

Here’s one more that won’t get answered;

If Arne Duncan’s appointment is approved, will “Renaissance 2010” be implemented nation-wide. :fume:

Why aren’t you president yet?