Obi-Wan Kenobi (series) - Minor Spoilers?

Finished first 2 episodes.
Poor acting.

Yeah, and someone was rather brutal on the innocent in Ep 3.

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A tweet I enjoyed:



First two episodes: eh … I dunno, a bit dull, but maybe this could work.

Third episode: hey, they’re turning this around!

Episodes four and five: oh well.

Specifically for part 5, the most recent episode: I know, I know, Star Wars isn’t traditionally all that great on sensible tactics, but oof …

… firing heavy artillery at a door from only ten meters away? The key to escape from a star destroyer overhead is to open overhead doors and fly out of them? Tons of time when Vader is distracted to attack him, and the PLAN is to attack him when he’s distracted, but no, wait until he’s finished with the other stuff before doing so? In a cave filled with droids and people from different species of different sizes, send a child into ducts to solve an electrical problem?

And, the finale: meh. If you’re a Leiawarm Star Wars fan and have been wondering if any of the TV shows are worth watching, this one is not it. Maybe go for Mandolorian Season 1, but no rush.

Spoilers, obviously:

The final moment between Vader and Obi-Wan is probably an improvement on what was in Revenge of the Sith. As usual, the parallel timelines make no sense for how much time is passing, but that’s just following on the tradition set by Empire Strikes Back. The weird inconsistent tech of the Star Wars universe continues to bemuse: so the equivalent of a battleship can keep shooting at a freighter for hours, and the freighter’s mostly OK? Liam Neeson’s force-ghost appearance very weakly phoned in. And whoah, Leia’s lack of reaction to Obi-Wan’s death, ten years later, makes her one of the stone-coldest of all stone-colds.

For big stretches the moments of supposed drama weren’t the least dramatic because we know the central characters are going to live, but at least with Obi-Wan / Vader, the way they’d live was uncertain. But the bit with Luke being at risk? Come on. Zero drama.

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