Objectivity and bias in media

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Personally, I don’t believe that any reporting is truly unbiased, simply because all reporting is done by individuals who have their own personal worldview/ opinions/ beliefs that will come through to a greater or lesser extent, consciously or not. I’ve never seen truly unbiased reporting, but I’ve seen some reporters who are more fair and balanced than others.

The fact that just 6 companies control 90% of US media, and only 3 in the UK control their 90%, means that you’re not gonna get much fairness or balance anywhere in these places, or from any country that parrots these corporation’s messages, which is basically what most other Western countries do.

Media is in the business of selling advertising. Fear and sex glues eyeballs to pages. I’ve never seen such fear-mongering in my life by the media as seen during the pandemic. It’s to be expected.

And attracting subscribers, more and more.

Also “political heroin”.

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Bari did a beautiful job of articulating the pathologies in the media and cultural divide. Looking forward to her book on the culture war.

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Where did the media go wrong? Endless stacks of books and articles on the subject. A question asked for decades by academics, bar stool pundits and the media itself which never misses an opportunity to navel gaze.

seems like they really should have nipped this whole internet thing in the bud

To your point about control

According to a recent analysis, hedge funds, or private equity firms, now control half of US daily newspapers, including some of the largest newspaper groups in the country: Tribune, McClatchy and Media News Group.

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One question about “being kicked off the Internet”. Yes, companies like Facebook and Youtube are too big, but they don’t kick people off the Internet- even a Sandy Hill and Pizzagate conspiracy nut like Alex Jones.
Donald Trump was kicked off Facebook and Youtube, and he started his own blog. It only lasted a month, but that’s nobody’s fault but his- the very shrill left-wing blog Lawyers, Guns, and Money has been operating for seventeen years. The My Pillow guy has been trying to start up his own Facebook equivalent, and the only thing stopping him has been his own stupidity and incompetence.
A lot of these right-wingers are already billionaires or have the backing of billionaires. Why don’t they start their own companies to rival Facebook and YouTube, if, as they claim, their viewpoints are so popular?
The claim here is not that these companies are censoring views they don’t like- the claim is that they are not being given a trumpet. It’s the old Sarah Palin defense- the First Amendment means the government should force private companies to give you a megaphone, and anybody who criticises you is violating your free speech.

A very astute analysis of the effects of TDS on the leftwing media and the left in general.

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I actually got halfway through the original Current Affairs article before I had to stop.

I might say it shows how Twitter turns smart people stupid.

Naturally, he is on Twitter. I’m not for example :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In short, another cheap, nauseatingly patronizing hit piece on those who won’t slavishly follow the left wherever they go, another dollar :roll_eyes:

Back to your linked article

Differences of political emphasis and priorities are inevitable. They are also healthy.

Not to leftists of that stripe. Enough said, really


Sorry you had to go through that. :grin:

It’s really nice to see though, that some on the left, like Jonathan Cook, are still able to look at things objectively.

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I only got this far.

nd in the United States, there is Donald Trump, whose administration has engaged in ceaseless cruelty toward immigrants and who is currently trying to [deploy the military against protesters](Trump's Military Threats Against Protesters Could Be the Beginning of the End of American Democracy).

given that that part is a lie.