Objectivizing subjectivity

Back in the day, when I wasn’t mentally impaired like now, or better to say when my mental impairment was somehow productive, I came up with that unique, personal definition of the art of photography: “Photography is the art of subjectivizing one’s subjectivity”.

Moving forward around twenty years here I am using that old definition for opening a thread that doesn’t have much to do with photography. Living off the rents, yeah.

What is this thread about? well, it’s going to be about this:

We think we know, we think we perceive, but we mostly think, or better to say, rationalize our premises, postures, and feelings.That’s one major function of our head tofu: come up with explanations in our conscious plane. Something that kinda make sense, it’s not too dissonant, and doesn’t stop us doing the important things or being who we think we are.

So I want to create a thread for posting these type of tests, proofs, etc… that demonstrate how subjective we are despite the vehemence of our assertions, how our opinions seem arbitrary when put to test.

Feel free to post here anything that you may think fits.

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For example, wine experts, wine quality, and organoleptic qualities:

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I like wine.

stinky tofu falls into this category. people use their anti stank tofu bias to judge this fine sophisticated food without even trying it! stinky tofu is objectively delicious.

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I love me some fried stinky tofu, but I won’t force others to eat it.

I also like prog rock, but there’s not a lot of it on karaoke playlists.

You can get me in an airport but you can’t make me watch CNN.

It’s all a fiction and very little is of any actual consequence. Be good to people. Aside from that, my approach is, if I think it, my bias is subjective to my circumstance alone and therefore shouldn’t be given much credence. If I feel it, even less consideration (stupid fucking hormones). FYI, I think I fried my brain in college, so I mostly walk around in a surreal state; it ain’t bad at all. Test, proof? How about any number of the severed corpus callosum studies (left and right hemispheres don’t communicate). Our identities aren’t even trustworthy. I like this one:
“In a clinical test, a young man who had undergone the same surgical brain procedure was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. When they asked him in his right ear, the boy answered aloud that he wanted to be a “draftsman.” When the boy was asked the same question in his left ear and was told to write down his answer, the boy wrote these words with his left hand, “race-car driver.” Therefore, the dual consciousness in the boy’s brain had two separate life ambitions.”


Yeah, but… what earphones would you buy and why?

@mad_masala you’re a fuckstick


Damn … I knew I should have chosen to be a draftsman :face_with_raised_eyebrow::pensive:

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Its a very old study. There are no more severed corpus callosum folks still alive.

People say all sorts of things.

What did he grow up to be?

If I objectivize my work , it was , on the whole , not glamorous , nor exciting after a while. It appeared to be , I suppose , but the reality is that you are in a cocoon , wondering why the hell you are trying to scare yourself to death every day. There was adrenalin , but it wears off .
I don’t miss it much . I miss a challenge but not Racing per say.

I guess I wanted this thread for confronting people’s snobbish assumptions and claims with science but I still like your contributions guys, so they are welcome.

Actually the stinky tofu ones should be taken care of by the garbage collectors. cc# @tempogain @Toe_Save @Marco @yyy @rooftopclown

You’re not against stinky tofu, are you?

The BAN Patrol


Nah, I like stinky tofu as long as it’s crispy and tasty, and not that rotten cunt flavored boiled in radioactive diarrhea shit that some people eat before they get their fatal cancer.

On the positive side , I see that your English is … errr… improving :wink:

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Cool. Source? :slight_smile:

@yyy Joseph LeDoux in 1977

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