Obscure music

i was wondering if anyone could tell me of a music store in taipei that sells indy music. bands i would be interested in finding here would be:
modest mouse, brighteyes, interpol, broken social scene, the stills, the stars, the killers, death cab for cutie, postal service, ted leo and the pharmacists, the fiery furnaces, hot hot heat, and wilco.

thanks for any help.

try eslite at anho and tunhua?

The best place I found for new CD’s of the type you mentioned is in the Rose records near Taipei Main Station. The one near Shin Kong department store and the big Mcdonalds at main station.

They have a pretty good selection of indie music - you’ll find the killers, the stills, the libertines, eastern lane, hot hot heat, yeah yeah yeahs and the like there.

There was an article in the Taipei Timesyesterday about a lady that started an indie music store and label, White Wabbit, or something like that.
I googled it and found their website and address, 臺北市羅斯福路四段兩百號B1. Looks like it’s on the corner of Jilong rd and Rosevelt road. It must be underneath that movie theater.

Yes, it’s just outside The Wall.


There are a couple of cool cd shops down there.

First, thanks to AWOL, upon whose opinion I bought my first Wilco CD - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (although I already owned Son Trace, by same). Yeah, and I’m an American not that far from Chicago. :blush:

Thanks, buddy. IMO, you have a good ear, please keep your opinions coming, ok?

OK, here’s the deal.

Anybody who cares about pop or rock - or, imo, good music period (as banshette has said, “the amazing healing power” of music, paraphrasing) - keep your eye on Jeff Tweedy, head honcho of the American band Wilco.

This guy is gonna go places. Bob Dylan places, if only he can keep his own personal stash of hope up. I think that if Tweedy is as plugged into music as I fervently hope he is, he’ll be a giant. A real giant.

An original. Big time original, imo.

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, AM, and the jewel, catching him in what - imho - can only be described, hopefully, as the artistic metamorphosis also known as “A Ghost is Born.”

This guy - and his band, Wilco - are to America as the Beatles are to the UK.