Observation of Forumosa

I joined this interesting forum for like four months, and I found something interesting.

First, the English I read here are usually better than most forums in US or UK. I guess it has something to do with “language police” all over the forum. :laughing: I also find some posters here love to use “big words”. Well, at least some of them are big words for me. :laughing:

It also makes me nervous when I post here, I try hard to make my post look ok.

Secondly, I like to read posts from people from different countries. Forumosa is like a mini version of UN or global village to me.

Thirdly, some people here is very politically active. Sometimes I wonder why people here care so much about Taiwan’s politics even when they can not vote? And then I realize Taiwan’s future will impact most Forumosian’s life, and that’s why they care so much.
Anyway, this is a wonderful forum.


Geez! I’ve edited this post for five times. :s

Don’t be nervous… you’re doing quite well. I wish I could write in Chinese as well as you do in English!

As a Taiwanese National, you enjoy diplomatic ammunity from all but the must zealous of language cops. Anyone who picks on a local’s grammar or spelling usually gets it back 3x as hard. So relax, welcome and thank you for your contributions.


Maybe I should change my name to the Bad Lieutenant, but I think you meant immunity, right?

Chewy :wink:

Freudian typo.

[quote=“Stewart Pendous”]Freudian typo.[/quote]A Freudian typo is when you accidentally say what you really mean, as in “I like your boobs, er… I mean hair”
But what the hell does “ammunity” mean ?

Personally, I’m very lenient with people who make mistakes, I make them myself too, and I know not everyone is a native speaker. Sometimes mistakes by people who should know better get pointed out, like by English teachers, or posts that say 'Ha ha, you made a misstake !"

Cybertai, relax, you’re doing excellently :notworthy:
I think there was a thread a while ago by someone who was worried he made mistakes, but to be honest, I don’t think I noticed he wasn’t a native speaker, the same with Cybertai.

PS. I often edit my posts 5 times because of spelling and grammar mistakes too.

A Freudian typo is when you accidentally say what you really mean, as in “I like your boobs, er… I mean hair”.[/quote]
A Freudian slip is when you say one thing, but you mean a mother. :laughing:

all youse guys english sux azz majorly.

Freudian in that even tho I knew at my deepest level that something was amiss, I posted without thinking of the possible ramifications. This indicates sociopathic behaviour. So was it a Jungian typo then?

I can’t be sure, I never understood the symbolism of a red line anyway.

Also Freudian in that it evokes a psychological response in those that read it, (erm cough, cough, caMatthew, cough) such as the impulsive need to correct (cough, control freak, cough), therefore in complete keeping with the topic.

Maoman, that’s an old one, but thanks for the mummeries.


Indeed, Cybertai, many of us long-term foreign residents, who have invested our prime working years in Taiwan, have married Taiwanese, have children born and being raised here, own property and other assets here, and so on, have just as much of a stake in this country, and are just as concerned about its affairs, as any Taiwanese citizen. Our lives will certainly be profoundly affected by the results of elections and referendums. That makes it so terribly unfair that we are totally excluded from participation in the democratic process, and are not even allowed to make public expressions of support for any candidates or party, but may face deportation if we do so. Therefore, it’s a very good thing that at least we have a forum like this to show our political colours and fire off about political issues.

Many of us would be very glad indeed to have the opportunity to become ROC citizens, in the same way that hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese become citizens of the US, Canada, Australia, etc, and are then able to play a full part in political life and even be elected to high public office in their new homelands, while getting to keep their ROC passports and the right to come back here and vote (as thousands did in last month’s election). But, alas, for all but a miniscule few among us, who can be counted on the fingers of one hand, it’s effectively impossible to entertain any hope of ever being able to do even the first of those things, let alone any of the others.

Anyway, if more Taiwanese come to share your realization that we do have a legitimate interest in local political affairs, then maybe, one day, something will be done to change this situation and give us a fairer deal.

Yo I be checkin out the boards and sht and I see yous peeps giving mah nigs a hard time with his gramma and sht. What the fck up with that, yo? Yous damn old asses done gone lost yo damn minds. Next thing you be knowin you old asses gon be bangin on my style. Well, all I gotta say to that is bring it on btches! Come and get down wit dis bad mofo!

:laughing: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: :wink: :slight_smile: :notworthy:

The sad thing is, that people where I come from who are around my age or younger actually talk like that. Some of them are even worse. Oh how the rap culture has spread…yikes. :raspberry:

Cybertai you are doing great. And if anyone on here gives you any sh*t for your grammar or whatever, pay no attention to them. :notworthy:

Yes, the written English skills of many of the posters here are top-notch.

Forumosa can be an excellent source of information, and I’ve made several rewarding friendships through my participation here. Maoman and gus are both true gentlemen, both in person and online. They have truly provided a community service to those who wish to access it.

The only caution I’d give to newer posters is not to take other posters too seriously, at least until they’ve proven their mettle. Lots of people hide behind their online identities, “bravely” attacking others right and left in a way that they wouldn’t dare to attempt if the discussion were face to face. Most of these folks are dealing with serious personal issues, and are not to be taken too seriously.

Enjoy, cybertai, and welcome to the community.

I think it’s nice to have good English on this site, but I have always maintained that writing well is not necessary here.
This is not for publication and no one is paying your for your thoughts (otherwise, Sandman would be the ruler of us all…).
No one is judging anyone’s English who is not a native speaker.
Certainly if you say you are an English teacher or an editor and you make mistakes, you can expect to be infor some flak.
(We have a framed print-out of a post by Omni that has a spelling error in it…before he went back and corrected it. Probably sell well on eBay.)

he’s referring to ax…of course :slight_smile: