Obtaining proof of all previous residences

Does the NIA offer any kind of proof of residence, that includes the addresses where you lived?

This one doesn’t include address?


The only proof I can think of is the ARC/APRC.

No, the Certificate of Residence does not list the address of the applicant, only their name, sex, nationality, DOB, passport no., dates & purpose of residence.

Thanks, I think I worded the question badly. I’m not looking for proof of residing in Taiwan, just some certificate stating all the addresses I’ve lived at. The NIA takes your previous ARCs whenever you renew or change addresses so that can’t be used as proof.

Do you need a government-issued document? If not, do you still have copies of your leases?

Needs to be government issued. Don’t have my leases but if I did they aren’t of much use.

Either Household Registration or NIA might be able to help.
Not sure if they record old addresses or just overwrite it on update.

Usually NIA provides proof of residence for foreigners. I needed it once before.