Ocean Shipping post pandemic

Hello. Has anyone any exceptionally good experience with a relocation company, particularly for ocean shipping from Taiwan to Australia? Or if there is one you have used and you would recommend, please let me know and I can check if they ship to Australia. Thanks!

I saw this week that containers (space?) price has dropped to a fraction of what it costed months ago. That was probably not retail price but hopefully prices to regular people will go down too.

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Thanks! :crossed_fingers:

One plus month old:


More recent, but not optimistic:


Rough sizes? examples: oversized items like cars, large furniture, extremely fragile stuff etc. or just loads of boxes?

half container(20), full container (40), or just loads of boxes?

Depending on the quotes, boxes of board games, books, clothes and a few kitchen items, or half container. Noth planning to ship anything huge.

Are you in a rush?. Postal ocean takes months. $4500/30kg or equivalent to USA. Not sure Australia, can check the website. Their ocean freight has not changed due to the covid shenanigans. but slooooow!

we pay slightly more for freight forwarding via shipping companies, but the difference is 1~2 week delivery rather than 2~5 months with post office. North America and europe are 5~8usd/kg. Asia is cheaper. Again, not sure about australia.

Usually prices are better to countries with empty boats, so australia might be good if we are importing lots from them currently.

I am trying not to use post office. Sorry I forgot to specify. We need door to door service, we do have quite a lot of board games and books. So yes, would like to use shipping companies but can’t seem to find non-dodgy looking websites when I search online. Seven seas that was recommended to me do not offer service to Taiwan, although a friend shipped with them into Taiwan a few years ago. Can you please tell which companies you’ve used before? Thanks!

Actually, Asian Tigers was handling our shipping from Denmark but we are trying to explore other companies because a lot of our things got wet upon arrival. So, it’s a bit traumatizing.

Ahh gotcha. All the ones I know are to the port and you need to pick it up or get an agent on that end to clear customs.

I suspect the DHL, FedEx type guys are prohibitively expensive. EMS is around 10k/30kg box and takes a week usually. Through post office here.

I don’t need that kind of speed. 2-3 months is acceptable. 10k/30g is so expensive :frowning: Thanks anyway!

Ya, through the post is more. but the post office ocean freight (4.5k/30kg) is comparable , well not crazy amount higher at $5usd/kg,) to freight forwarders and avoids all the customs clearance hassles.

So what if you want to ship something too heavy for post? Like furniture, machine tools, etc.?

Australia post has suspended all surface nail deliveries going into the country. Would just get sent straight back to Taiwan.

Sounds like she needs 1/2 a shipping container. Standard shipping container sizes are 20’ and 40’. So if it’s enough for 20’ maybe a whole container.

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freight forwarder.

just checked post, Australia looks like it has a 20kg limit. more expensive than US as well. ask them if interested if the limit is 20 or 30kg (might need to push them to check, they often dont actually know).

2.6k/20kg surface

What are some prices of containers and half containers?

Oh damn. that sucks

Ya forwarding ocean or even paying for a whole container is the cheapest by far if there is a lot of stuff

would need a quite. it changes regularly.

it is pretty irrelevant but we paid about 10usd/m3 but it was just within asia and coming into taiwan. that’s the cheapest I have found for small level shipments. but it wouldnt be of much use to Australia. Similarly exporting 20’ to Seattle was 4k ish and Alaska 18k ish. usd.