Offering consulting for online multiplayer gamedev


I’m the founder/dev of Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit on Steam:

Game stats (unreliable, but shows the gist):


As a dev of 15 years and in the gaming industry for just as long, I can offer hourly consulting (min 2 hrs). Note that I focus on desktop, but the same rules should apply to mobile (most multiplayer is back-end):

  • Online multiplayer: Where to start?
  • Online multiplayer cloud services (BaaS) and structure (Unity)
  • NoSQL database structure for player/server data
  • Moderation structure ( eg, )
  • Authoritative cloud code
  • oAuth2 (eg, “Login with Steam”)
  • Realtime Discord integration ( eg, )


The average person only needs a few hours to save thousands of dollars/time by pointing you in the right direction from the very start @ $200/hr (USD).


You may private message me here, or via:
Discord: Xblade#4242 @
Email: dylan@imperium42(dot)com