Office 2000 vs. Office XP


Yep already tried it last year, (and yeah sometimes the simpliest things are the ones we don’t try). This was actually the first recommendation someone gave me and it didn’t do a damn bit of good. As I said I have even gone to Microsoft for help and I have downloaded 2-3 programs from them they claim can fix .pst file problems, but none of those programs worked. The last result is sending these CDs to Microsoft.

Thus I no longer back up my mail to a CD, I only back up to my HDD and my zip drive.

Have you tried ZIP-ing your PST before burning? Also, perhaps try different burning SW.


Never tried to zip my .pst before burning, but I will try it also.

Okay I exported from 2000 and then imported into XP and it brought over all my mail and contacts, but did not keep any settings. I had to retype all of my pop3 account information and also my organizational stuff. But it seems to be working now. There must be a way to save all the settings?

Yes, there is Jeff:

You can go into the Rules Wizard and click on Options. You can export your rules.

You can go into Accounts from the Tools menu. You can export your mail settings too.



Hi Jeremy,

I tired that, and I couldn’t get it to work. I’ll try it again just for my own knowledge.

Clippit (Clippy) Fans are gonna love this. Clippit is coming back!


Tfw im still using office 2007 as its the last version that doesnt require a yearly sub lol

o_O What are you goin on about?

Office 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 are one time purchases. None of them require or have a yearly sub. 2019 is the latest one.

Office 365 is the subscription one and it’s pretty much free for casual use if using the web version, similar to Google Docs.

It’s now called Microsoft 365.

That’s right. Old habits die hard.

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