Office lease, personal or registered company?

First off, I searched the forum for similar topics, and don’t think this has been touched on. The following topics were the closest I could find, but don’t seem to adequately address my question:

I work remotely on a few projects with a colleague. We’re looking to set up an office in Taipei as soon as possible, and would prefer to start the lease under his personal name. Is this possible? For now it would be just the two of us, but eventually we may look to hire or subcontract a Taiwanese worker depending on legal requirements.

I understand that it’s possible to sign an office lease under a personal name with serviced offices like Regus and The Executive Center, but they’re many multiples the price of conventional offices, which would be our preference.

Does anyone know if this is possible, or if it’s required to go through the lengthy process of registering the company/branch office in Taiwan first? I’m not sure if a rep. office would be applicable here? If you could point me in the direction of any resources on this topic, it’s much appreciated!

Thank you!

I have a biz in Taipei but work remotely. I used to rent an address from one of my accountant’s contacts, but now I domicile my address at the French Chamber of Commerce. I can use their meeting space with advance notice, and also participate in some of their events. I’m American, but the American Chamber doesn’t offer this service.
Another option for you if you really just need the desk and don’t need to register your biz in Taipei is to consider renting a space as you need it.