Official mail to complain for local bus in Taipei?

There is any official mail I’d to make complain against local bus services in Taipei . There is no mention in bus 0800090607 and 02 2729 1181 but they do not provide any complain number so I cannot track my complain .

You can call 1999 or use the website


Yea I got a million things to complain about the bus…

like drivers seem to be race car drivers rather than bus drivers.

How they love to induce nausea by tapping on brake or accelerator repeatedly.

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Yeah Taiwan desperately needs special lanes dedicated to buses, Ambulances, Police cars, etc.

I’m still surprised someone hasn’t fall out of the bus from drivers opening the doors way to early (pulling up to a stop and open the doors while still having quite a bit of momentum) or downright forgetting to close them.

I’m getting tired of bus drivers closing the door on me and hitting me while I’m in the middle of alighting and never even saying sorry and just running off as fast as they can.

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There’s usually a number inside the bus you can call to complain to the bus company.

About 6 months ago a guy fell out of the door. But not the actual exit/entry door, it was the door that is sealed closed on the other side. Not all buses have it, you may have seen it. Except in this case the door wasn’t actually properly sealed closed, and he was leaning on it.

The bus company did some repugnant victim blaming at the time…

Please no. They already take up too much space.

Thanks a lot

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