Oh no! My Wenlin!

So my laptop’s crashed, Hard-disk busted from overuse or age I guess…Long story short, after a trip to GuangHua Computer Market and a quick reinstall i’ve figured something out…no more Wenlin!! :frowning:

Ok, now I know I might be stupid for asking, but if anyone has a copy of Wenlin theyd like to sell/lend me, or knows of a place to get it, please call me 0910428894! Im stuck without it, i’ve basically stopped learing new characters because i have no reference. I’ve left my original CD back in South Africa, and the new version costs like US$200!!! :frowning:

I know it might be against some people’s way of thinking, but I just don’t want to fork out again for something that I already have and have paid for,you know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Do you know your Wenlin serial number or can someone back at home look it up for you? If you have that you can email it to the Wenlin folks and order the newest version for a lot less than $200 (I think it was $50 to upgrade from 2.x to 3.x.)