OJ kicked out of a resturant because of owner's convictions

Owner kills OJ’s dinner plans

OJ Simpson was seen mingling with fashionable ladies and greeting well wishers at the Kentucky Derby last weekend. But OJ wasn’t welcome everywhere in Louisville.

A restaurant owner refused to serve Simpson and ordered him out of his upscale steakhouse, Jeff Ruby’s.

Owner Jeff Ruby told INSIDE EDITION the sight of Simpson getting this kind of welcome in his restaurant turned his stomach.

“I asked him to leave and we immediately seated Michael Jordan at his table,” Ruby said.

Ruby said the steakhouse was crowded with diners who gave him a standing ovation for telling Simpson and his party of 12 to leave. “By the morning I had emails from across the country commending me for the convictions I had for doing the right thing,” Ruby said.[/quote]


It’s probably easier to live by your convictions when Michael Jordan’s waiting for a table. :slight_smile:

Well that’s more like

Jordan = $$$=pays his bill and tips

Thread title could also read:

Owner kicks OJ out of restaurant because of no conviction.