OK, who is this dude? Open challenge match up

@Andrew0409 W hat’s the back ground on this dude…As an over 50 ex knuckle manI’d still like a shot. I think.I can.spark him.out, I hit like a freight train at only 190. I don’t fancy getting caught with his liver kick.though.
I’d like someone like Andy to ref it though.Id only accept bare knuckle, if he want to kick ok. Stand up, no knees, no elbows, bare knuckle boxing and kicks if he wants.
[ok I’m up for it, if in Taiwan ] Andy can.you get it on between us ? (https://youtu.be/qE1XV9rrz6w)
And if I beat him some prize money would be good.
another of his

Which guy? The one who thinks 90 lb women can beat up guys twice their size or, the actual monster?

Who the fuck is he talking about??

I don’t know him and his background is obscure. Says a lot but no one seems to be able to confirm the whole truth of it. He’s been challenged real fighters. Like K1 fighters his weight. And he never accepts those.

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The monster of course.