Okinawa visa run latest?

I am going to Okinawa for a visa run next week, thus avoiding the Chinese New Year chaos and firecrackers :smiling_imp:
I got the address on this branch before, is it still the same?
Opening hours?
Are they naughty or nice? I mean… are they courteous or haughty towards foreigners?
I am not doing anything illegal (like English teaching), but I was wondering if the place is worth to go…
What is there to do in Okinawa anyway?
Any nice hotel? Restaurants? Pubs? Tourists attractions?
I don’t like the US military booze-drenched pubs filled with drunks… some place nicer? :smiley:
Damn, I love island life… the air is so clean and the sea so blue, but… I heard that there is a problem with noise pollution from the US military airplanes? Is it true?
How much is the air ticket to Naha? Does the plane depart from Taipei or Songshan?
Well, maybe I should ask this to a travel agent…
Sorry too many questions… haha :?

I’ve already answered this question twice. Do a search.