Old and feisty

Just came back from Taidong and had the pleasure of sitting near a very old guy who probably came over from China when Taiwan lost the war. He was basically shouting about how all the countries in the world should unite and attack the USA. I laughed and kept on playing my NDS. Nice way to start the new year :wink:

Laugh at me you little bastard… :fume:

Even if he did come over with CKS and his [strike]gangsters[/strike] soldiers, it wasn’t Taiwan that lost the war. The KMT lost the war and then invaded Taiwan, erroneously thinking they were the legitimate lords and masters of this island.

As for the old guy, perhaps he is getting a little senile. Old people have lived, worked and did their bit. They’ve earned the right to be “eccentric”. Good on you for holding your peace and merely smiling. :thumbsup: