Old Fart DJ Bar? Great service!

Shout out to Tony and Eva for the great hospitality on my last night in Kaohsiung!

If you’re looking for a place to go which opens until 3am on a Wed night…


Is that the name of the pub?

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Saw the link, thanks for posting it. Looks like friendly place, if I have time will try to visit

Thanks for posting! Hope younger people can go too

Yes of course! They play oldie 60s 70s songs but Tony and Eva were really nice and we had a song-off where I recommended some songs and they played them! As eclectic as the killers, seven nation army, Eminem and some Taiwanese rap!

My memory escaped me… I’ve been there… maybe stumbled there…

老屁股音樂屋 Old Fart D.J. Bar

Maybe they should have called it All-Ages Farts :stuck_out_tongue:

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