Old Money

I’ve got a friend who collects old paper currency and I’d like to buy him some stuff from Taiwan. Anyone know where I can get old bills? Is there an area that specializes in stamps, coins, etc.?

You might try the antique mkt next to Guang Hua Shang Chang on weekends. I’ve seen old (real/fake???) coins there… what were they called??? concession coins???

Guang Hua Shang Chang is up at the intersection of Bade Rd. and Sungjiang Rd.

Good Luck.

Try the lanes between Yanping South Road and Zhonghua Road just off Zongxiao West Road - opposite the Central Post Office, not far from the Taibei Foreign Affairs Police Station and the tax office.

also a few on kuling (Guling) st and chongching (Chongqing) s rd south of nanhai rd, nr the post office. juba’s spot is near a big post office too so if there happens to be a big one near you it’s probably a good place to look. also the chienguo (Jianguo) weekend jade market has some old money stalls.