Old Suhua Highway after opening of the new tunnels

Has anyone ridden the old Suhua Highway from Suao south since the opened the new highway tunnels in January? I feel like the traffic will be more manageable on the old route now that cars/trucks/buses should be mostly using the tunnels. I might check it out this weekend.

Was it just me, or no trucks allowed in the tunnels.

No trucks in the tunnel… not a great improvement for cyclists.

Oof. That’s a big yikes.

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Even with reduced traffic, most of the old Suhua tunnels are just unpleasant to ride through. Narrow, wet, airless, no scooter lane, no margin for error. I rode it once, that time the Nanao section crashed into the sea and the whole Suhua was closed for a couple of weeks.

Note the ‘once’.

A lot of my buddies have done it and say that it is a must though. One group did it on their 24 hour challenge from Xindian to Wuling peak and others have done it on their Huan Dao.

I am still a bit iffy about it, but I think one day if I get the chance, I may give it a try.

That sounds like a challenge indeed.

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I’ll sign you up for the next one.

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I’m lucky if I can make it to the hospital.

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I’ll arrange an ambulance to lead you out the way up. 看的到追不到

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