Older PC games on a newer computer?

About 6 months ago I bought a new high speed computer, complete with an updated graphics card. I wanted to play some of my older pc games (Half-Life, Tomb Raider III, etc) on it but it will not let me install them on my computer because of incompatibility with my newer computer.
Has anyone had this problem before? And is there a way to get around it? I am left with installing them on my 4-year old laptop but I would like to have a better performance (not to mention a bigger picture on my better monitor).

Any advise will be appreciated!

I have never had that problem. Although I usualy update my games too. :slight_smile: I keep the older work type programs and they are fine.

You could be running into a DOS problem. New windows does not like DOS. You can run some programs in a DOS window, but I can bairly do that myself, you will need help if you cand figure it out yourself.

or you can hook your new monitor (or big projector TV) up to the laptop. :sunglasses: It looks good.

I can’t remember why I set up this window…

Oh, I know…

Try virtualization tools which usually mimic older PCs with simpler configurations…

I too tried to play the old version of Command and Conquer on a newer PC, but it couldn’t run! Don’t knwo why… Never bothered to find out.


Try running it under DOSBox.

Or you could set up your computer to dual boot into Windows 98.

There is also a compatibility option in the properties box for any Windows program under Windows XP. You can choose what Windows operating system you want the program to believe it runs in.