Oldtimers: Any posters live as an adult in Taiwan before me?

Just interested if any of the Forumosans currently posting has lived as an adult (18 yr old +) in Taiwan before I did (1965)?

I don’t like to live as an adult. I met someone who’s been here 27 years, but I don’t think he posts here.

Wow, you’re old.

Wow, my mom was a teenager then. :noway:

My Grandfather was here late 1945-early 1947 (US Navy) but he’s neither a Forumosan or among the living.

I know a missionary up near 5 finger mountain who’s been here that long, but doubt he posts here.

This might be a tough call to answer…

She was a good one too. We used to call her “soup bone” 'cause of the way she got passed around.

Don’t know of any Forumosans who lived here as adults in that time frame - I was 15 when I left in the seventies but I do know several people who have been here since I was a small child. One in particular who has been here since the early 1960’s is retiring next week after close to forty years as the director of nursing at a hospital in Chung Hwa. I don’t think she has been back to Canada more than maybe twice in all that time. Man, is she in for a shock next month!

Not relevant to Taiwan, but it may make you feel less old:

My dad lived in Hong Kong between 1962 and 1965. That’s what let me to study Mandarin. I originally looked for a course in Cantonese, but the university I attended rarely offered them. I took Mandarin, and ultimately ended up here (in 1988).

She was a good one too. We used to call her “soup bone” 'cause of the way she got passed around.[/quote]
Oh, don’t even get me started! Else, I might have to mention seeing yo momma at the local precinct the other day getting booked for being the crack ho she is. Yo momma is like a racing car…chick burned four rubbers in one night.

Got me, only since 1992. Could someone define what an adult is? I feel that I may not fit into this category.

An adult is a grownup. I’m pretty sure there aren’t any of them posting on Forumosa.

Whew, I was worried for awhile. Thanks for the claification Sandman.

Richard Hartzell has been here for 27 years.

I remember the first time I ran into the other forumosan living on the hill.

Me and Richard were strolling around in my community, which impressed him greatly. Then we saw this western guy washing his motorbike together with his daughter.

We stopped and had a chat, after which Richard remarked on the US sovereignity over Taiwan(San Fransisco peace treaty, 1952). Well, chatting on, the other poster told us that he has been here for then 17 years. Richard did not feel it proper to mention that he has been here somewhat longer than that.

There’s also an old Danish guy, who has lived here since the early 1950’s. His name is Schroeder, he’s 90 something, and he hardly speaks Danish anymore, always replying me in English wne we meet. I suspect that he’s got Alzheimers). His address is in the Masonic Temple, but he lives with a former subordinate, a local in his 50’s (who’s got a family and the works, but still takes care of his old boss).

My mom was only 7 years old in 1965. :noway:

My mom was only 7 years old in 1965. :noway:[/quote]
Your mom used to pee her pants and not share her toys.

OMG…I was 7 in 1965…now I feel old! :laughing:

July, 1976 first arrival for me, lived here ever since…arrived on the same plane as Bob King and if you know who he was, we probably know each other.

Being a young American Caucasian at the tail end of the 20th century and living in Asia was about as good as it gets…but D’em days are gone…though the memories are just about as good, at least in the telling.

But I ramble…

Over and out…

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Oldhand: Ink Still Wet in Passport. :laughing:

You are old. :laughing:


Is that because you’re a geezer now, or because the society is different?