Omar Whiskey

I don’t think so. If you wanna try some quality whisky, try the Omar from Nantou. Very nice.

Hmm, I see Omar in the Carrefour a lot but always shied off. Will give it a shot next time.

A challenge to Kavalan ? Anyone experience it yet?

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Where is the best place to get this in Taipei or Hsinchu? Our local whiskey store in Hsinchu has everything under the sun except Taiwanese whiskes. UK prices are very high too.

Omar is in Nantou, right? Dos one have to hike all the way up there to get it?

Can you visit the Omar distillery, It’s TTL right? I can’t find a website for it.

I’ve seen it in Carrefour.

Will keep an eye out.

Had some Omar last night at the Taiwan beer factory. 380 NT for a small bottle. Just picked up a bottle of Glendronach Doric at my local for 1,100 NT, and on the website it is priced up at 100 pounds. You can get some great bargains if you look around.

Omar - around TWD 2.5k

"Taiwanese expertise from Nantou
Nantou is a Taiwanese distillery bearing the same name as the surrounding city. Owned by the TTL Group, it is located in the north west of Nantou County.

Bordered by the magnificent mountain range of Bagua and Maoluo quiet river, this wild and hilly county is renowned for the production of tea…and more recently the production of whisky!

After a well-thought-out and solid construction, Nantou distillery opened its doors in 2008 and became the second distillery on the island of Taiwan.

OMAR is a tribute to Scotland and its know-how and the name means “amber” in Gaelic - just like the colour of the whisky.

The OMAR range comprises two Single Malt whiskies, one with a Bourbon finish, the other with a Sherry finish.

Both products have won awards in international competitions.

Non chill-filtered
Clear water from the surrounding mountains
Subtropical climate: faster ageing process, high angels share
Since 2012 the TTL Group has been managed by Mr Pan, a director with an unusual and international career.

He joined the group in the nineties, working in the wine department where he acquired an undeniable knowledge of the alcohol industry.

Over the years he moved into different positions within the group and came to play a major role within the R&D department.

A very particular mission was assigned to Mr Pan - to travel the world in order to gain the passion and expertise necessary to develop the most renowned alcoholic beverages.

His journey began in Japan with sake and shochu, continued with wine in France and beer in Germany, then finished in Scotland with that last unforgettable step - whisky.

With this training and his ongoing passion, he returned to Taiwan and took the helm at Nantou distillery in 2012.

He teaches traditional know-how learned from Scottish producers while bringing a touch of modernity to Taiwanese whisky, a new vision.

In 2015 Mr Pan unveiled Nantou’s first official Single Malt brand - OMAR."

Mmm… and then? Did they win the best in the world? I’m not sure this fits into this thread about Kavalan best whiskey in the world in fact I’m sure it deserves a separate thread and discussion topic.

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I have no idea, but it seems the brand has good ratings.

I would like to buy a bottle of Whisky but not sure which one should I buy. Any recommendation?

Omar? Great branding. It sounds like the name of a cheap cologne for Middle Eastern gigolos.


See and post in this long thread …

Thanks for the reference.

I heard it was inspired by the character from the Wire

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