Ombrelle (the best UV protectant EVER)

I was buying eye liner (I am one of those awful women who still wears makeup) the other day and I made a discovery that make make some of the other American women insanely happy, and other women just a touch happy.
Ombrelle, the highly illegal (this insanely expensive) sunblock that us American girls have had to pay over $100 dollars a bottle for in the us, is here under a different name. And it only costs $400 nt.
It is under a different name: “L’Oreal UV Perfect Ultimate Protection Fluid with Mexoryl XL”

And for those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, Ombrelle (or the long as name above) is, according to my plastic surgeon (oh shut up!) the absolute strongest sun protection and the best at repeairing sun damage that is already in place. And I promise, this shit works. I can hang out at the beach all day and not get even a small tan.

…and why is it illegal? Some adverse health risk maybe?

Several studies have found Mexoryl to be the most effective sunscreen available…but it hasn’t been approved for use in the U.S. yet. So, Americans who are concerned about preserving their skin from sun damage have been stuck illegally importing sunscreens containing Mexoryl from other countries.

So, yes American women here in Taiwan can feel blessed. I personally don’t like L’Oreal’s UV Perfect. It breaks me out. However, there are a range of facial products containing Mexoryl here. Happy shopping!

Oh, Do recomend me one that has it that won’t break me out. I also have sensitive skin.

Sorry about the late response SAF. I just noticed your post here.

I’ve been using Lancome UV Expert SPF 30 PA++. They also have SPF 50, but that one tends to be more greasy, just like L’Oreal’s UV Perfect. Lancome’s SPF 30 has been working well for me and is very matte. The only problem is the price. It’s 1400NT for 30 ml. I pay it, because I think it’s worth investing in my face.

Recently, I noticed some pharmacies sell La Roche Possay products. La Roche Possay has several facial sunscreens, but their UVIdea SPF50 is supposed to be the best one for people who break out. It’s 900NT for a 30 ml bottle. I’m going to try that after my Lancome runs out.

Hope one of these will work well for you!

Mexoryl is available from I believe all L’Oreal owned companies. They invented it.

La Roche-Posay

I believe they all have Mexoryl products. The better sunscreens will have Mexoryl SX and XL. They each cover different areas of the UVA spectrum. UVA is what toughens and wrinkles your skin; UVB colors. SPF is a UVB rating.

I’ve only looked at La Roche-Posay products. I use Anthelios W Gel SPF 40. $1200 NT for 100ml. They seem to have a pretty complete line. I think they also differentiate between immediate and persistant protection; their facial sunscreen is significantly better at immediate protection. They also have anti-free-radical sprays; I’m not sure what’s up with those.

Some places in the US import it so it’s not impossible to find.

Erhu, thanks I agree on the facial investment. I would like to still look 25 when I am 40. Know it won’t happen, b ut damnit I can try! I am glad to hear one that looks Matte. The biggest issue I have with what I use now is the greasy look on my face all day.