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Intrigued to see that Forumosa has accepted advertising dollars from chinaexpat.com, which features in its review of Taipei (a “Chinese” city):

[quote]Taipei is the Provincial Capital of Taiwan, just off the coast of East China. Due to its recent history, it has developed separately from the mainland, but with economic and trade barriers now being lifted, the gradual re-integration of the island back into the Chinese community proper is gathering pace and changing the longer term outlook of Taiwan’s dependency as it moves closer to reunification with China.

As a result, Taipei is beginning to better position itself as a regional Chinese city, and although this will take time to implement, Taiwan’s future is assured as part of the country as a whole. This brings forward the possibility of Taipei becoming a strategic base for international companies with investments elsewhere in China as it is conveniently located and boasts a high degree of professional managers, companies and people well versed in Chinese business. Probably early days yet until the air links can be implemented, but it would make a lot of sense assuming relations are normalized to be based in Taipei.[/quote]
Now I know that this website would have to say a few things like this in order not to be shut down, but still…it’s moronic even by that standard.

Planned? Has the reviewer actually been to Taipei, or even Hong Kong for that matter?

Ah, Snake Alley. Who could have guessed?

Hooters? Oh fuck. And thanks for the stupid, sexist comment on Taiwanese breast size, guys.

I hope these jerks paid up front.

“Provincial capital of Taiwan?”
:roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:
Jesus! It would be pretty funny if wasn’t such a load of shite. Did they not mention Green Silicon Valley though? Or Asian Operations Hub? A bit remiss, surely.
Still, they’re paying money so I can post a load of bollocks. Who cares if their editors are arse-licking Beijing sycophants? Just gives us a good laugh.

Did their check clear?

It did?


Fuck you dipshit communist bastard asshats…:sunglasses:


I doubt very much that the writer has been to Carnegie’s hgere unless the female barstaff wear “very short skirts” when I am out of town.

It’s out of date too. Kiss La Bocca closed down over three years ago.

Still, it’s a plug. Even if they can’t spell our name correctly.


The ROC version of the Provincial capital of Taiwan is, or was, Jhongsing Village (中興新村) down near Taichung. A very weird little town it is too. But apparently the commies have declared Taipei the provincial capital. That’s nice.