On free speech and punching.


Hmmm…Richard Spencer gets a pass, but this does not?


That is pretty stupid. Allowing anti-Trumpers to show their true colors is much better for the Trump cause.


They already told the sheriff that he’s wrong, that the sticker is protected by the concept of freedom of speech. How does it not get a pass?


We’ll have to see what the sheriff does. The last information we have is that “a prosecutor already told him she could charge the driver with disorderly conduct”, which distinctly does not sound like a pass.


The next line is:“But law enforcement officers trying to prosecute people for dropping the F-bomb against the government have already been struck down by the highest court in the land. A California judge ruled in a 1971 Supreme Court case, Cohen Vs. California, that a “Fuck the draft” jacket didn’t break any statutes because it wasn’t likely to incite violence.”

SO the Supreme Court already established that there’s nothing wrong long ago.


Yes, I read that. Apparently the lawman in question hasn’t gotten the message, and is not giving a pass. I have no doubt that any such action will be struck down in the end, but that isn’t the immediate concern.


Misleading title. Its not just a “Fuck Trump” sticker, it says "“Fuck Trump and fuck you for voting for him,”.

The important part, I think, is the part they don’t mention in the title i.e. "“Fuck you for voting for him”.

Im guessing in Texas, many people will consider those fighting words, directed specifically at them.


Good point. This case mentioned in that wiki is relevant:

That didn’t work out for people challenging Westboro, and this would seem to touch on some of the same points.


I smell SLAPP! Usually that is only about businesses who go after private individuals or criticize them. The idea is that the threat of an expensive litigation, will get them to back down or reverse course, or shut up. Even though the suit itself would most likely get tossed, it is still a threat that generally works.

Corporations generally have deep pockets, so most people do not stand a chance. Even it a pre suit settlement is not reached, they can drag it out in the courts as long as necessary. I am almost certain that the loser of the popular vote has engaged in this shitty behavior before.

I guess government can do it, too.


Yeah. And the WBC sued Snyder for legal fees. Ouch.


There is precedence for the use of the word. But I hardly see where it is harmful. In TW it may be, but it is just a word. It is not calling for violence, or claiming superiority, or using insulting language, so…

Spencer, Milo, et al get a pass. But this does not. Comedian Joe Mande got suspended on Twitter for responding to some anti-semetic diatribe by some rightwing blowhard (Mande is Jewish) by inviting said blowhard to felate him.

I just do not get it.


Spencer and Milo have been banned several times on Twitter, and they’re currently not-certified, which means their posts can be kept hidden by people who are certified.


Saying “fuck you” to someone is pretty insulting. It would be fair to call it “fighting words”. I can see their point. It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out. It seems Texas disorderly conduct laws potentially prohibit even the use of vulgar language in public places:


I didn’t know that. I love Texas now.


You never seen the opening scene of Die Hard when John McCain takes a stroll into Harlem with a sandwich board?

I’m not arguing a case for that particular sticker not being allowed, I was with Dr. Milker who thinks this does more harm for their cause than good. Plus you will be pleased to know the driver was not charged with anything in relation to this sticker, but did have an outstanding felony warrant for her.


I remember riding around in my minivan taking kids to soccer practice. My kids would read everything. I think this bumper sticker is low class no matter who the target might be. I could still explain it to my kids but would prefer that people quit lowering the bar of what is civil in society. I’ve always thought that people that have to use the “f” word in every sentence need to expand their vocabulary.


We have talked -in length about situations like this, before.

I do not think it will help him per se, it will not hurt him. He could come out tomorrow and announce all Muslims must register and wear a crescent patch relocated to designated areas, and I doubt his support would wane any.

That sucks for her.


Maybe the “FU” part, but I still find it odd that it is OK to say “All [ethnic group] must be eliminated” is somehow, OK.


I don’t recall, perhaps refresh my memory, when did we discuss this situation?


When we were talking about an ultra-right speaker going into a super liberal community.

Like going into parts of the Deep South wearing a shirt praising Obama, or Jefferson Davis was a goat banger, or dragging the stars and bars on the ground, or wearing a shirt saying “your sister gives great h***. At least your father/uncle says so.” That last one might be taken as a compliment. Or even just being black.

Hell, even parts of NYC being the wrong color in the wrong neighborhood will not end for you.

Wearing a placard with racially charged language, including ephithets, will draw a reaction. Same if I went to certain neighborhoods of Belfast wearing a Black and Tan uniform, waving the Union Jack, spouting something about Gerry Adams having sex with sheep. I don’t think I will be viewed in a kind way.

I just don’t see the sticker as that charged. I mean, we had this in 2012. Do not be coy, you know what they mean.