On gin drinking and other debaucheries

I’d like to think there is a special pseuds corner in gin-sodden-expatriate hell for people who use terms like “Phnomers and Saigers”

But death, like life, is unfair, so there probably isn’t.


Wow, that’s pretty harsh.

I’m not going to lie, I’m facing a serious struggle to enjoy the rest of my Halloween with the black canopy of your utter disapproval looming overhead.

I’m just going to have to do my best, I guess, and soldier through…


Gin is like the hippest drink right now. They will be sodden in Sangsom

We call gin “Mother’s ruin” in the old country…Those Juniper berries are a depressant. Well maybe an old wives tale , not sure.

No prize, so no point in googling.

What was the name of the British defensive line in Hong Kong in WW2?

ahhh, gin 'n tonic
my dad would have one handed to him by my mom after coming home from work in the 70s.
my first taste of hard liquor as a kid


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Good point.

Just don’t mention the battle of Singapore, has to be the worse loss in British military history.

idk… I’m thinking Battle of Yorktown


They had Mel Gibson, it wasn’t a fair match-up.

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Well the Japanese had bicycles Mel Gibson only had a kilt oh no wait the kilt was from another bullsh.t movie of his. He should have stuck to Mad Max, and his Jensen Interceptor.

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Actually, Brit/Canookistanian/Indian would be a better one, apologies.

There were a few Frenchies involved, too.

Yeah, I was just concentrating on the Allied side…

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If the Japanese had had French troops we’d have held HK.

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