On my way!

Cool! We’ll be seeing you soon then.

Student visa? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome aboard.

You sticking around Taipei, I take it, being that you’ve already been to Ikea?

Welcome Derek,
If you’re living in Mucha why not study at the nearby National Chengchi University. It has a Mandarin Studies Program which is credited by the government.

Address: Language Center, 64 Chihnan Rd., Sec. 2, Wenshan, Taipei


There goes the neighbourhood. Those ducks are no match for my piglet, let me tell you. I see any quackers, I’m thinking hot pot.

Welcome to the hood. :rainbow:

You have a piglet??? I am jealous!

Yeah, staying in Muzha / Taipei for the immediate future. No plans to head south for at least a year.

I would love to attend school closer to Muzha, but that school you mentioned has already started its semester. Bummer. I can always transfer later. The CCU is also fully accepted by MOE and can get scholarships. I will give it a shot.

No worries about a duck invasion. The duck thing was scrapped months ago. However, we have a couple pet squitos and a roach or two you are welcome to pet sit for us. :wink:

Canada geese are on the endangered species list but it always seemed to us there was a lot around and damned arrogant too so we’d pop their heads off with a seven iron and then boil them in the steam vents that ran off the laundramats in China town. Not bad eating, a bit gamey and the bleach didn’t do much for the flavor either, but heck, the price was right…

:homer: MMMmmmmmm Steam-bleached Canada Goose…ARRGGGGLLLL :homer:

Using an old needle as a meat thermometer, small B bob looking around at his dinner guests, raised a lysol sandwich and thusly spake, “Boys, our goose is near cooked!”

And just then we noticed Fred was looking a little purple so Ned gave him a boot and, with a giant fart, Fred fell flat on his face. Nobody said much or responded at all really till Ted noticed “I think Fred’s dead Ned. Freds dead” and with that each floated off to his own hell on clouds that were shrinking fast.