On Tap Bar & Sports Lounge

I’m one of the new owners of On Tap. Cheers to everyone who’s been down and made the last few months such a success, it’s really a buzzing time to be living in Taipei.

Anyway, I was posting to see if there’s anyone interested in the On Tap Darts League which will start on Wednesday 19th November. Teams, minimum of four people, need to be registered as soon as possible. Games will be played every Wednesday evening, with each team playing most, but not every week, dependent on the number of teams involved.

There will be a Darts Night this Wednesday (12th), so come along if you’re interested in chucking a few arrows or finding out more about the League. There will be a load of darts-related fun and games, plus of course, liquid prizes! There will also be $99 beers all night every week for players.

Need another reason to come and visit us?
Power Hour, Mon-Fri 6-9pm & Sun 12-9pm: Loads of beers, wines & spirits for $99
Every Tuesday is Pasta Night: Buy one get one free on all our delicious pasta dishes
All the best sporting action, upstairs in the lounge, with our new screens & satellites
The best music in town: Rock, Soul, Classics & strictly no Hip Hop/R & B!

Hope to see you down there.

Jason, On Tap

Just to let you know we have our Pub Quiz coming up this Thursday (27th).

Test your knowledge in our exciting audio and visual rounds, including Movies, Music, Sport, Science/Nature, History, The World and more.
$500 entry per team, maximum of 5 people per team.
Winners get 75% of total entry fees. Second place gets the rest. Free shots for the losers!
Bucket Promotions: San Miguel Light $500 for 5 bottles, Corona $600 for 5 bottles

And as it’s Thanksgiving we’re doing a Set Dinner: Soup, Turkey + all the trimmings & a Glass of Wine for $530.

Hope to get more response from you guys than for the Darts League!

Jason, On Tap

As Taipei’s genuine English Pub, we’re going to be celebrating St George’s Day in style…

Firstly, we’ve got not one but TWO Parties!
Thursday April 23rd is actual St George’s Day then,
Saturday April 25th is the St George’s Day Party!

On both nights there will be…

FREE BEER FROM 7-8PM! Drink as much as you can…on us!

Fun, Games & Prizes, including a mini English Pub Quiz!

All the best English music! Plus Classic English TV on the Big Screens!

The usual English Pub Grub: Pies, Pasties, Quiches, Bangers & Mash plus a special offer on Jumbo Sausage Rolls!

Accept no imitation, come join us in celebrating everything that’s great about England. Cheers!

So yesterday was my first visit to On Tap. I like the atmosphere very warm and cosy! The only thing I had a big problem with was my pint of Guiness. There was no head…at all :astonished: and it was served to me only a few seconds after I ordered it. The beer was kind of warm and it didn’t have the “nitrogen” bubbles it has everytime I’ve been served it. Maybe the bartender was new? or just didn’t have an idea how to poor the perfect pint? Whatever it was it was a poor excuse for a Guiness :no-no: . The poutine was pretty good though :lick:

I would have mentioned it and asked for another. :idunno:

Ya I should have done that…the guy looked like he had his hands full and I saw a few pint poured the same way. So I just assumed he didn’t know how to pour a proper pint, so I didn’t bother. Oh well i’ll give it a try next time and if it happens again then I will let them know. Just wanted to give the forumosans/owner a little heads up thats all :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know, i’ll be dishing out Guinness pouring lessons this weekend it seems!
dlin, PM me when you’ll next be in and i’ll ensure you get a free pint, poured in exactly 119.53 seconds!

[quote=“Jase”]Thanks for letting us know, I’ll be dishing out Guinness pouring lessons this weekend it seems!
dlin, PM me when you’ll next be in and I’ll ensure you get a free pint, poured in exactly 119.53 seconds![/quote]
Hey Jase, it is all good, no harm done :sunglasses: …Great place though I love the atmosphere. Will be on my list of watering holes in Taipei!

Stopped by OnTap last night for some drinks and dinner with some friends. Enjoyed 3 pints of properly poured Guinness :slight_smile: It was a huge improvement from last time thats for sure! The food was good, atmosphere was good, and service was great! :thumbsup:

Cheers mate, good to hear! The headache i’m still sporting certainly suggests it was a good night!

yeah, On Tap sucks!!!

Just kidding, see you there tonight. I need to speak with you about a possibility of showing UFC fights.


Starting February 5th…$49 Silly Hour! Every Day 6-7pm…$49 for Corona, San Mig Light, Heineken, Taiwan Beer, House Red & White Wines, Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, Tequila + Mixer!

Cheaper than 7-11??!!


I was at On Tap last night with some friends for the first time and it seems like a very nice and cozy place. Planning to go back there this coming Thursday for their $10 wings night :slight_smile:

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Hi Jase, I haven’t been to On Tap before so I was just wondering as you say you are a Sports Lounge does that mean you show live games? And will you be showing the 6 Nations Rugby this weekend (incl. the France vs. Ireland match at 12.30am on Sunday morning)?


Okay I should really read more posts before posting… I found the answer to my question and your website in another thread so you can ignore the noob! :blush:


Yep, just to confirm we have all 6 Nations games. Check out Facebook: OnTap Friends for latest schedule. And we’re open every day Chinese New Year - $49 drinks 6-7pm, $99 drinks 7-8pm

If anyone fancies some free beer, we’re giving away free Boddingtons Draft from 8 to 9pm, this Saturday, in celebration of St George’s Day!

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Many years later, they still have the same price it seems

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I like the atmosphere, management, nice staff that mostly speak English, location, management, outdoor and indoor seating, sports, downstairs, London Beer that has been mentioned here a few times I think…

13 years later comment on an “On Tap” discussion.

I can’t seem to find a more current subject thread but isn’t there quite a lot of discussion here about “On Tap” restaurant and bar?

Now is maybe their 3rd location. What location where they at the beginning of this thread in 2008?