One is not enough

Damn that Stray Dog character. He’s gone and got me convinced that I should have a second ‘companion animal’, so that they can play all day together and be happy while I’m out making money to pay for their expensive food. :unamused:

Obviously no need to buy one, what with all the ones that can be had for free. Anyone know any good candidates?

Mine is maybe 8 months old, 12Kg or so, and exceedingly good-natured. Needs a companion to take on long walks etc.

I have candidates aplenty. Just come round my place to view.

Those wouldn’t be bollocks on your dog, would they? Eight months old is time for snip-snip.

Oh man, why do i feel like this is a personal ad for a dog? :laughing:IF it is, then that’s a damm shame. Dogs get it before us humans on Forumosa :unamused:

Obviously no need to buy one, what with all the ones that can be had for free. [/quote]

Not to mention, buying a dog would add to the puppy/stray problem that we have on the island, whereas adopting a dog that needs a home helps improve the situation.

So hats off to you for that. :bravo:

And I do agree with Juba; that sack swinging between Brian’s legs would be much better off shriveled. If you’re worried about it affecting your dogs character, come and meet any of our neutered males, and you’ll see that they remain playful and loving.

You can never guarantee that he won’t run off and impregnate some slutty bitch from the woods. :s We really don’t need more accidental puppy births on the island.

Just my opinion, Loretta. No offense intended, and great to see that you’re gonna give another dog a good home. Re. the meat you feed, I’ve found that Tesco has the best quality and cheapest meat around. I’ve done my research, and the difference is quite obvious.

Every week I feed my five (currently) pets about 8kg of fresh (I freeze half, though) Grade-1 quality chicken (feet, hearts, legs, wings, and whole), whole duck, beef, and fish for less than NT$1,000. That’s far cheaper than ‘quality’ pet foods, and comparitive in price to the poorest quality dried food. If I throw in some chicken backs from Wellcome (NT$3.5/100g) the cost drops even more. The health benefits alone of feeding fresh, raw meat and bones make this worthwhile, but when you can get it this cheap …

One dog is not enough, but two dogs are bad luck!

If you add two mouths to the character for “dog” (ie. two dogs to feed), you get the character for “cry”!

口 + 口 + 犬 = 哭

ko + ko + quan = ku

You should get TWO MORE, just to be on the safe side! :wink:

And on the meat front, chicken feet at NT$1 each are a cheap, good way to get the bone ratio up if you’re also feeding fresh meat.

Off with his balls, certainly, if only to stop him breeding – one of my boys has got a little fat, like a eunoch, since castration, but the other one still runs off and joins in if any shameless street bitches are getting gang-banged in the middle of road. If they’ve had a taste, they don’t seem to care about shooting blanks! :smiley:

But that would make four and four means death!

Superstition sure does make life complicated!

I don’t do superstition. I’ll even take a black dog.

Juba, I’ll be in Taipei this evening. Expect a call.

Eight’s a lucky number! How big’s your apartment?