One more rant about the music industry/bear with me

first of all, my apologies to forumosa for the tone and long windeness of my last couple of rants about the recording industry here. i put a burden on the readers and i’m sorry. no disrespect was intended i assure all of you.
yesterday i saw a HK ‘artist’ promoting here new album who was ranting about how her breasts weren’t as big as Coco’s but they “moved more’ unqoute. these are suppossed to be people doing music! this woman must be at least in her 30’s. if the average record buyer is in her teens who would be interested in this woman’s record?
it seems to me the whole thing driving all this is advertising and gwan shi, or maybe something along the lines of the horizontal bop.
if the purpose of the record companies is to make money, why do they keep putting money on people they should KNOW aren’t going to produce any income? who would buy this bitch’s record? who would by shiao chang’s record? is it just an exercise in doing things the way they’ve always been done?
did you know the TW government paid producers to go abroad to study at berkelee and MI? i always said the gov is involved in the industry and now i have proof.
what you’re up against? governement and money. the TWG doesn’t want any foreigner to be anything other than english teachers. we’re always potrayed in less than postive light in the media so that the general inferiority complex of the TWese people can be lifted.they want you in the back of the band. not in front. unless you can fit into their view of how strong they want a foriegner to be, which is weak competition, and no opinion. look at that “very famous foriegner” on TV who shall remain nameless. the guy practically bends over. “yes suh i’ll do anything. just let me be on TV” that guy has sold out all of us. i have stood up for all of you every fucking time.on that show 'gan giao shren ji”, i instituted the word " taiwan gouh ji ren shr" rather than 'lao wai".i wouldn’t let them use that ah dou gah or lao wai. i would even say fuck you to wu dzong shien’s face if he dissed me on TV. i have the pomodoros to do that, cause i don’t give a fuck.respect is everything.
finally, you go into even the most mediocre producer/artist wannbe’s house and they have the BEST EQUIPMENT money can buy!!! cause mom and dad bought it for him!
here i am, can talk to people about the song writing process, artistic meaning, and these bitches are on Tv talking about whose tits can move more. cause the TWG doesn’t want what guys like me have to offer which is something deeper.
like i said i’m not the greatest musician to set foot on TW, but i stand for something and i come from something that’s real.and i’ll stack it against these clowns anyday.

I think the music scene in North America pretty much sucks too. All there is on tv or radio is rap or pop. The pop stars are just pretty faces who shake their asses. Not much musicial ability at all, glorified karaoke singers. Rap or hip hop or whatever they call themselves arent much better. Hype themselves up by acting all tough with posse’s with guns, pay girls to hang around them. The videos are all the same, ugly rappers throwing money around, hot chicks in lingerie shaking thier asses, fancy cars and big houses. We need another Kurt Cobain to save music.

i miss those bands like kurts who didn’t give a damn in the right way! the guy was a leader. nowadays the bands don’t “not give a damn” about the right things like hype and the things you said.
yeah kurt cobain. the guy had feeling.

I’ve seen a lot of musicians like the Incriminators, Red 23, Deported, Muddy Basin Ramblers, etc. advertise their shows here on Forumosa.
I’ve also seen all these bands play live. I have enormous respect for all of them and musicians like them. They have many cards stacked against them being foreign musicians in Taiwan but they’re still out there making music anyway.
I don’t recall seeing any posts from them whining about how unfair the music industry is in Taiwan. They’re probably too busy trying to make a go of it as musicians.
Take a page from their book and give it a go. You might find a very supportive network of people in Taiwan like Forumosans. If it doesn’t work, then you should leave Taiwan and find another place with a “better” music industry. Musicians fail all around the world even in the absence of the Taiwanese music industry! The music industry sucks in any country, that’s just a fact of life. Deal with it and move on.
Personally, I’d be much more interested to hear about your music as opposed to how much you hate the record industry in Taiwan.

I hate the music industry in Taiwan. They don’t like me because my breasts move too much. Its a crying injustice. :fume:

Thx for keeping us abreast of your position. You’re right, it is unfair.

i can’t even get some pubs. okay here it goes:

i won second place at nani nani pub. didn’t know there was a contest that night. don’t believe in contests. thought it was open mic. got 2nd anyway.
boss said, please come do your show for me. when will you come do your show for me?
when i went back a few days later it was “send me a demo.” when asked about the demo it was haven’t heard it.thenit was heard it but am booked up for tweo months. when i said i gave it to you 2 months ago the bitvch(jewish for bitch) went ballistic. why did i need a demo when you’ve already heard me and i won your contest 2nd place? she asked me based on my performance that night. then she said it wasn’t good enough for her pub. damn her! she didn’t have to say shit to me in the first place unless…
i got blackballed. look i’m not the greatest. muddy basin’s guitar could probably play circles around my jazz skills, and i would be in awe- not jealousy. i went to school with chen bi nou, the boy who played for nixon when he went to china(grown up by that time of course). i’ve never been jealous of excellence. and excellent people have never treated me bad. they’ve always respected what i did and encouraged my weak points. bi nou got me off scales i know that and taught me how to practice with emotional content intact.
i have NEVER ever been treated badly by people of excellence. and TWese do it to me every fucking time.
okay deboko, you’re right. webs almost up. i will have a file player on my site. my web girl’s still tweaking everything. let you know when it 's ready. thanks for all of your asskicking and encouragement.
ran the man

I hate the music industry in Taiwan. They don’t like me because my breasts move too much. Its a crying injustice. :fume:[/quote]

Maybe you could stop doing all of that jogging around on stage in your lycra suit.

I hate the music industry in Taiwan. They don’t like me because my breasts move too much. Its a crying injustice. :fume:[/quote]

Maybe you could stop doing all of that jogging around on stage in your lycra suit.[/quote]
Don’t post right after you’ve been playing the trumpet – your brain is obviously starved of oxygen. Muddy Basin Ramblers without skintight spandex catsuits? Don’t be ridiculuous!

Are you implying that I actually practice? No, it’s the opium, I’m afraid. A little “Brown Liquid Mixture” to wake me up in the afternoon.

I’m sorry, what was the topic again? Oh, yeah: the music industry sucks. Not exactly a newsflash. Whatever happened to Zuo An-an?

Drug-induced story: Many, many years ago, I was in the Philippines filming a music video for Yang Lie. I had brought my trumpet and did some playing; the director floated the idea of me cutting an album, doing videos, a la Kenny G and Corbett Wall. I patiently explained to him that I didn’t think I was the type, and Kenny and Corbett are actually much more talented than I am, but it was obvious that to him talent had absolutely no bearing on the situation at all.

i’ve got it! sand on sax, me on guitar, paogao on trumpet! the jazz penises! i’m the little one!

You know Ran, if everyone you deal with is an asshole to you, there may be a reason for that. Just sayin’.

damn man! And this is coming from Tetsuo.

Hey, if anyone would know what it takes to make everyone hate you… :laughing:

That’s what the boards are for! :beer:

everyone doesn’t act like assholes but i think it’s weird some of the shit that’s happened. you can say what you want but some of this shit is’s as if someone knows every move i’m gonna make and has put something in place by the time i get there or if i’ve slipped by, soon after. there 's saying:

“that reform is happening is a sure sign that it’s circumvention is already in place.” that’s scary.

NEWSFLASH!!! ling chi lin is gonna be on a CD! the “forward thinking” bastard investors finally did it. now we can hear what she sings like! gee i’ve been waiting.

Remember the days when music spoke to your heart and was from the artists’ heart?..these days everything is about flash and marketing. I do believe we need a revolution, to go back to the basics, simple melodies, simple songs, and less over-production. Music these days is a lot like Taipei, sensory overload. Lots of bells and whistles, and very little soul.

Yes the entire music industry (not only in Taiwan) is degrading and unfortunately artists who are quite talented such as Christina Aguilera and Sarah Brightman have all resorted to selling their songs with their flesh…

So here I am, a girl in Taiwan trying to do something different…and it’s an uphill battle everyday. Without money behind me, finding a good drummer and bassist have proven quite challenging and I’m about to start recording with an indie label which will have no money to put towards marketing. I already accept the fact that music will never be my source of income, which is why I have to teach English like everyone else.

BUT, I put my heart into my music, and that is the only thing I know. So, I’ll just keep climbing this hill, and hopefully you guys can come out and encourage me and my band (hopefully we’ll fill the missing players soon) when we start gigging.

Well, that’s what I’m trying to do…as you complain about the industry…what is it you propose to do to amend the situation?

well, girl i am only complaining because my other courses of action have all but been cut off. i would go out and do shows myself, but cultural bureaus always have some reason they won’t take my show. i’ve heard every excuse.when your road is being blocked you must fight. the underground agreements between record companies NOT to compete too strongly constitutes a monopoly under taiwan law. keeping out others because you don’t wanna mix the stew is against the law,too.
what do i want to do?
get exposure for you me and others. INVESTORS have hijacked this industry away from us. it is the investors who are most at fault. they are turning a buck. that’s it! some on this website think that’s their right, but i trained my WHOLE FUCKING LIFE thinking the MUSIC industry would be there when i was ready and now the MUSIC industry (i’m talking the one where ugly but talented guys like micheal mcdonald, fogelberg, and kenny logins not only got contracts but were the bread and butter of the industry) is gone and only the STAR INDUSTRY is left. the music industry has been hijacked. it’s not right and something must be done so that you, i and others can do what we do best and contribut to the musical culture of this world. anybody who is not fighting has never experienced the low class blocks and sneaky tricks that i have. they have never been treated as i have or they’d be mad as hell.
i ask you one question: if i hold a protest can you and others join me? i need 10 people, artists both local and foreign who are sick of this bull shit.
i propose a law that ALL RECORD COMPANIES MUST PROMOTE some non idol pop artists per year. the promotion must be significant enough to be called promotion, not just signing an artist and freezing their record.

Did you just admit that you’re ugly?

no, i didn’t. look, they’ve got a cosmic hatred for Ran the Man. that’s the truth. other foriegners can get whatever they want out of TW, no matter how outrageous it is. but these people have an ingrained, cosmic out of fucking i don’t know where hatred for ME.
1000NT per hour for english lessons? sure no problem. you’re a real foreigner. only 3 hours a day at the kids school? sure no problem.
as long as you’re FOB, can’t speak good chinese, tall and blonde, these stronzos will give you whatever you want.they could care less about a short, half irish brown hair/ brown eyed shit from louisiana.
when the powers that be do decide to put a foreigner up big time it won’t be me. and they’ll do it just to spite me.
they’ll probably invite that bitch aviril lavinge to live here. she’s just want taipei government wants for their youth apparently.