One of the best bike rides in the world?

One of the best bike rides in the world?

We set out from Taichung, on a cool evening, fully laden and packed for a 3 day journey, starting on the 136 to Puli. This road has relatively light traffic and some good climbs. If you travel in the evening you will need a good front light for the downhills. After about 25km you will join the 14 to Puli. This road has heavy traffic but is well lit. It


Nice ride. Thanks for the interesting description. Add some photos and maybe a phone number for Jacky at Green Fingers if you can.

If someone was trying this in hotter weather, going slower, did you see many places to stay or camp along the way (mainly on the uphill stretch)?



i reckon you wouldn’t have much trouble camping, loads of places but i think the last think on your mind after these climbs would be a tent and hard ground, hot/cold showers and a bed…!

will try and find a number for you.

photos? tell me how and i’ll post some. :notworthy:

Well, I can’t tell how long it took you, but I was thinking of going slowly in hot weather and making it an overnight trip in the mountains.

Sent you a PM with details.

thanks for the pm, will try later.

length of trip was 4 days, fri night, sat, sun and monday home. if 1 night, start from wushe, i reckon you can up and down in a long day ( 12 hours ), 6am start and chill out in the hot springs in Tienshang ( but right now that wouldn’t be a good idea! )

Here are a few images from the trip, not so good but they give an idea. … etour2.jpg … etour5.jpg … etour6.jpg … etour7.jpg … etour8.jpg … etour9.jpg

Yeah, that helps! I really like the one where the orange traffic cones keep you from falling to your certain death down a cliff. :wink:

If you were out for 4 days, in general, where did you sleep? Hotels or camping?

1300nt for 3 of us in puli

1600nt with breaky for 3 of us in ching jing

1200nt with the 3 in Tienshang

we packed to camp but with those prices, hot showers and good beds…we had no choice! :sunglasses: