One on One vs Group Classes

I have just finished PAVC II that my fried used to teach me, so I can read all the charcaters up to this point and write many freehand (although I have forgotten how to write quite a lot too!). However, my teacher has started a masters and is just too busy to continue - we have made 3 classes in 6 months =(

My current aim is to get into the habit of going to class after work and asses how tiring it is while working up to “true level II” before tackling level III (maybe in Shida or other intensive program). I have also found a language exchange. I am also preparing for my maser’s degree exams in May, which is why I cant go full time until summer (I have a short break in the masters programme at this point)

So I’ve done my research and found some Chinese classes and have the choice of either

  1. one-on-one with a teacher while waiting for other students to join, or
  2. conversation that is below my level.

What do some of you guys think would be best preparation for level III?

have you attended conversatin classes in CHinese and are they useful?

I dont know if other students will join the first class and feel that the teacher will just delay learning the book until others come along who want to join our class - but thats not too bad for me since I dont expect to really study too much of (PAVC) book III in this class anyway.

Another motivation behind learning is to meet some other people, I just had a bunch of foreign friends leave, although meeting some at school may be good, I think they may just be temp jap/korean students who will leave again immediately after, or maybe I can meet during intensive course? More preferable is to meet local chinese anyway!

I’ve noticed that there was ALWAYS one or two students whose level was much higher than everyone else. They seemed to enjoy long conversations with the teacher that no one else in the class could understand. :thumbsdown:

thats why I am kind of bending toward doing the 1-on-1 at group class price

If you are getting a 1v1 at group class prices, then by all means take that course! I did a 1v1 for a few months upon first arriving here, and I have to say for the conversational opportunities it provided, that alone made it worth while. At any given point during the lesson, I could break off and ask some silly little question about whatever thought had entered my mind. You just can’t do this in a group class, out of respect for the other students. Group classes i’ve taken in the past have all been very book centric, with much less conversation coming out of it.

That being said, as you’re also interested in meeting others through this class, I’m sure others will join the 1v1. If they’re giving it to you at the group class price, you can bet that they’ll be pushing it hard to other prospective students in an effort to get their money’s worth. It sounds to me like this is your best option!