One step at a time

Yet another rescue this weekend. Some dirty piece of human shit dumped Snowball at Bitan on Friday. Snowball’s an elderly yellow lab and far too stiff to have run away. We suspect that she was a puppy mill bitch who was abandoned when she got too old to have any more litters. We cleaned her up and the very next day found a home for her. Jojo will be checking up on her periodically and making sure she’s spayed, etc. Once again, thanks to Sean and the Animals Taiwan lot for their invaluable help and advice.

Imagine the shiteyness of the scumsucker who would dump a gentle sweet old lady like this.

Nice job, sandman. Great looking pics, too.

Difficult to comprehend the cold blackness of some people’s hearts, I agree.

Sandman and Jojo, you guys are great. Thanks for sharing, makes my day. :slight_smile:

Great work guys.

Well done Sandman, and give Snowball a big hug for me next time you see her. Thanks to you and Jojo, it sounds like she will finally be having sweet dreams every night instead of the hell she has been subjected to. Priceless.

priceless is right.

sandman, and sandwoman, don’t let the scum of the earth tint your soul.

you are amazing.

focus on the good.

this beautiful dogs face and presence should make that easy.

sluff off the bad, and focus on the good, as you obviously have.

hugs and kisses to your beautiful girl.

you forumosans keep warming my soul.

keep up your good work, i want to buy you a drink.

i’ll be in taipei 24 feb to 24 march, 2007.

happy days to these dogs and cats i have read about today.




Look forward to meeting you, John.