One to one

OK everyone, I know this is a frequently asked topic but I have searched the archives back to mid-last year and cannot find an answer to this question.

Is there a group/website where I can hook up with Chinese Tutors for one-on-one tutoring?

Like many others who work in Taiwan I simply cannot find the time to attend a language school. Not language exchange (been there, done that, got nowhere), just a guy/girl I pay to given personal instruction and help me make a credible start at Chinese.

Any suggestions or personal recommendations are gladly recieved.

If the moderator/other forumosaons don’t think this topic should sit in this forum please shout up and I shall move on…

I note that another guy asked the same question just before this post…sorry everyone.

The question still stands if you have any personal recommendations, particualry near the domestic airport in Taipei

I’d try the Forumosafieds…or even (gasp!) Tealit…although I guess Tealit charges you if you’re looking for a teacher, even if it’s just for a tutor (can’t remember, haven’t bothered to visit their site in quite awhile now).