Why don’t Taiwanese onions make me cry?

They’re happy onions.

Maybe you just don’t understand them.

What’s the difference between Taiwanese onions and other onions?

Other onions make you cry. :smiley:

Different types of onion have different amounts of sulphenic acid. What species do you buy in Taiwan ?

They make you cry alright … I have many years experience in this, trust me …

Round ones with brown skin.

Maybe I’m just old and jaded.

No more tears available … you’re cried out … dried out? :slight_smile:

The old, dried, brown skinned onions are normally the strongest, because all the bad, make-you-cry stuff is concentrated …

Hmm.m…the onions in Taiwan always bring me to tears.

Take out your contact lenses.

Ahh! Ok, I get it. Can’t do it. I’d cut my hand off. But actually, that does explain it.

The answer to this mystery lies in Buttercup’s signature.

“All onions are not equal…” :sunglasses: