Online Audio files

While doing a bit of research I stumbled across this universtiy website that has audio files. I remember someone asking about this before.(couldn’t find the thread though)

Judge for yourselves whether it’s worth it or not. :wink:

Er. self-plug.

My site has audio files as well. Such as the complete set of Chinese sounds and tones in Mandarin. And it doesn’t require RealPlayer.
(I make money off advertisements on this site)

There’s also some nice beginner material, including audio files and some self-tests, to supplement Integrated Chinese at:
(unrelated to me)

:blush: I recommend trying pwh’s site first:

No need for embarrasment. Nice that you’d give me a nod since I’m a forum member, but I hope you honestly think it’s useful and not just cause we have some 關係 from here on Forumosa. I’m glad you passed on that link. I didn’t install RealPlayer this time around, but I’d be tempted to in order to check out the content they’re offering.

But I do believe my site is helpful. My original goal was just to provide something that wasn’t on the net before, or a new take on it at least. Now I’m making some money (though everything on my site is still free), but that is certainly not my focus.

here’s a media lab containing news snippets and scripts in mdandarin Chinese supplemented with pin yin. … Itemid,77/