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[quote=“tango42”]The only concern with Forumosa friends, along with the other sites it shares information with, is that some of the girls keep popping up and popping around from foreign guy to foreign guy.

Quite a few of those girls bounce from guy to guy. I’ve witnessed it multiple times and know it through friends.

Some show up, find a guy, disappear for awhile, the show up again looking for another guy.

Others just use it for another route to get whatever she may get from a guy.

So once you pick a girl, and if you care, get to know her and find out how many guys she has met via these sites. Chances are it could be your friend, or your friends’ friend, or you might bump into her exe’s when roaming around Taiwan.[/quote]
Same as anywhere else, then. Or are you under the impression that users in other countries find their ideal mates on first meeting? :laughing:


Just sayin…

like everything else on this small island called Taiwan, where everyone seems to be one degree away from the other, the chance of introducing your new girlfriend met on the internet to your buddy could very easily include a previous encounter with that same buddy…

Or from another perspective, it’s kind of like shrimp… even when you peel a bad one, it’s still good…


I published my profile on FF, because I wanted to find some non-taiwanese friends (especially from Germany), but after having get hundreds of messages from Chinese (though I have specified whom I am looking for and for what purpose), Japanese (!!!), Korean guys and even one bisexual who searched for a woman for a threesome with his boyfriend - I decided to quit and destroyed my profile. Now I gave up the idea to meet someone online and surch for new friends only in real life.


Go try it and you will find the facts, only pay a little money, but pay a lot of time unfortunately.

You don’t need to provide any photo on your profile, then try to write a bit to some you interest. When you think it is “safe”, you can send your photos to your friends.

Actually I think it is really hard to build real relationships from the web(all relationships need time). Maybe you may attend the Forumosa funny meetings to make new friends (they had two before).

Good luck.


If you post in tealit, make sure you attach your pic. If you don’t, your profile will placed back on page 8 or 9 because the photo profiles are given priority. A sobering thought about tealit and other such internet self-advertisements, is that the person who’s contacting you, is scrolling through the list and you might be the 11th guy that day, whom she has e-mailed or you might even be just on a forwarded list. I posted a tealit ad a few years ago and when came time to actually physically meet, she told me she had a scheduling problem because she was also meeting several other guys. So she arranged these “dates” as a kind of job interview and she’ll select the best “applicant” boyfriend. You might meet Miss Right or a score a fun girlfriend but keep in mind that, at least in the beginning, you’re probably not the only guy she has contacted. Anyway, just post your pic, even if your not a beef-cake or maybe a few pounds overweight or 40-something. If nothing else, it will assure your profile is seen early. Most gals won’t make it to page 9 or 10 (numbers 110 thru 120).
Sorry to say that in this singles-scene game, it’s a shallow, plastic world out there. If you’re not young and handsome (works equally for women i.e. young and pretty), you shouldn’t expect to hook up in Taiwan…hahaha. Anyway, if push comes to shove and you’re tired of spanking the monkey, you can always find a Filipina or Thai if you go to their respective disco’s or karaoke bars or to church on Sunday. No need to post a pic or compose a profile. The Filipina’s are the best bet because they speak English and act like “normal” people, to westerners. And they are lonely, just like you. Good luck.


:astonished: :astonished: Noooo! But I want to date a virgin.

Dude, what’s the big deal? You talk to a girl in a bar you will probably not be the first one to try. You think she tells everyone else not to bother because she’s waiting for Mr Right to walk in? You think a girl is going to look for through the personals looking for the one and only guy in her life and decide, just by looking at your profile, that you are that one? She’s never going to contact anyone until she finds that one special profile? And she’s going to believe everything you say in your ad?

So why put an ad? You’re only hoping to meet that one special girl, and won’t meet any of the others that reply to your ad? You won’t meet anyone until the perfect being replies to you, however long it takes? You’ll know when you read her letter that she’s the one? And believe everything she says?

Crap. You put your ad, or you reply to ads, it’s the same thing. You talk to people, you meet as many as possible, and then you figure out who was lying, who was being overly optimistic, who has hidden qualities, etc. Expecting to be the only guy a girl talks to is just stupid.


Now they have a new service in FF. That’s the online chat function. You can search the site for someone you like and chat with anybody who’s online.

I can tell you how I came to find out about it. I was just looking through some pictures, when suddenly there was a chat request from somebody. Feeling a little happy I clicked okay. I started chatting with a girl (according to her profile pic) who is an interior design student from Shanghai. A little strange, but then I realized that she is STAFF. That means she gets paid to work for FF’s mother site, and chats with people who are online to encourage them to buy membership. She’s a fluffer!

By the way, now Taiwan is officially a Province of China! Thanks to for supporting these red China dating services. :howyoudoin:


I am a 25 y/o engineer from San Fran. I come to Taipei almost every month for a week or two. I have tried both FF and Tealit with ample success. I would say I am average looking, not anything amazing, but here in Taipei I find it pretty easy to hook up with english speaking Taiwanese girls through either of those sites. Just chat with them for a while before meeting them, I can pretty much always take them back to my hotel room after dinner. My approach is just to be natural and don’t push anything, after dinner I usually just ask them if they want to go back to my room and watch a movie or something, it hasn’t failed yet on like (8 girls and counting).


Taipei is a modern-day Babylon, a festering pit of whore-mongery! Where I live (in the rural south) courting is done the old way. For the first three months or so that you “date” a woman, she is chaperoned by a family member or relative. You are free to talk directly with the lass (i.e. you don’t need to do it through the chaperone) but there is no physical contact of any kind.


I heard the internet has replaced the disco for the young to pick each other up in Taiwan. And there are lot of girls who are available for this function. As long as both of you know what game you are playing and nobody gets hurt.

Lots of Taiwanese young people cruise the mandarin chat rooms for one nite stands apparently.


Ha ha. That was in direct opposition to my own personal experience. The little Internet dating I attempted in Taipei was uniformly a disaster. Just about every single one of them was significantly uglier and more boring in person than they were online. On nearly every one of these “dates,” I was screaming on the inside “MUST FIND EXCUSE TO LEAVE!!!” within ten minutes.

Every time I hear someone mention, “Oh yeah, Taipei is such a great place to be a single foreign guy,” I think that person must be on crack cocaine.


WTF, do we even live in the same country? Even my sorry fat ass didn’t have that much trouble. I haven’t tried Tealit in a while and I hear it has declined, but in its heyday, it was easy. As far as FF, I’m married now. Paid or free dating sites are out of the picture, though I understand that a lot of married people do use them. :ohreally:

For Filipinos in Taiwan, I’d recommend cherry blossoms, I believe it is a website of that name. I’m not admitting anything though. :blush:


Hmm the site shows a lot of older western men with younger philippina women. Wonder whats up with that? :slight_smile: I guess supply and demand. But absolutely nothing wrong with it if both parties are happy. … c3OA%3D%3D


Ok - For the guys who have experienced success with online dating…

I have never tried online dating, so this may sound really stupid.

But, I tried messaging some people and I know they have opened my emails, but none of them have responded. I sent a fair few so at least I would get ONE response?

That has led me to ask the following:

  1. In the first message do you include your own contact details with it (I understand many dating sites allow you to receive messages but they don’t let you send any back if you’re a free member). So I should be including my email address or something like that?

  2. Do I have to buy the open and VIP membership for some success?

For the guys out there, please school this online dating noob.

Thanks everyone!

J :slight_smile:


Just try the Filipino bars on Sunday. You can probably find some takers. Even 40 year old guys can get 20 something Filipino girls.


I will say it depends on what your attitude is. I bought for three months membership after I divorced. Actually, I met many friends there. However, there are only two members I still keep contact. Most of the members like to chat online. However, I can’t because I need to concentrate when I’m working. I lose many friends because they don’t like contact by e-mail.

My suggestion are

  1. Be frankly to those friends. (Like I’m a divorced man but I never hide who I am)
  2. Don’t boast how good you are. (you just tell who you are.)
  3. Expect friendship more than serious relationship

It’s a good web-site which worths to introduce. Enjoy it!!


How does it work?
Would appreciate if anyone could post their experience on this matter.


[quote=“Mysticratboy”]How does it work?
Would appreciate if anyone could post their experience on this matter.[/quote]
Does tealit count?

I joined forumosa friends years ago when it started, but never actually used it. Seems like it could be useful to meet people, especially in bigger areas like Taipei, Taizhong and Gaoxiong.
I’d say give it a try and see what happens.


Seems to me that a lot of these services (at least back in the states) are scummy and just seeking profits. I have a very low opinion of anyone that plays with your heart strings to get you to cough up some money. Last time I checked websites like e-harmony and yahoo personals had a pretty expensive plan and they would give you a price break if you buy it in 3 or 6 month packages. Um, no thanks. If it takes 6 months to find a partner then the service is probably worthless except for short-term hookups.

There was one company called Its Just Lunch in the states that would charge lovelorn guys $2000 to join. They have had legal troubles in the past and have been accused of billing problems. In effect they would just give you the run around so you would keep on renewing your contract.

If you go with one, just realize buyer beware.


[quote=“Mysticratboy”]How about the speed dates.
The ones that give you like 2 minute to introduce to each person and move on.

Are there those in big cities?[/quote]
Never heard of that in Taiwan, and never been to one. But looks like it could be fun.