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about 4 years ago I went crazy on adult friend finder for about 9 months… works well if quick fucks with hot crazy chicks is your bag


Six years later and I’m still getting e-mails from them (the site, not the women). I can also attest to your assessment.
Good times. :whistle:


[quote=“bismarck”][quote=“Mysticratboy”]How about the speed dates.
The ones that give you like 2 minute to introduce to each person and move on.

Are there those in big cities?[/quote]
Never heard of that in Taiwan, and never been to one. But looks like it could be fun.[/quote]

We tried running that for a while in Taipei, but it turns out that Taiwanese people don’t like conversations. Go figure.


I’ve been using some matching services online here in TPE, and it’s been fairly ok. You have to do your own work, and do it regularly, but the result isn’t bad.


Did you mean adult friend finder or asia friend finder? Seems the results are pretty much the same, quick fun.

I know a very happily married couple with kids that met through video dating. Never would guess if they don’t tell.


i always looked at adult friend finder ages ago when i was single and desperate, but thought it would be a con. wish i just used the bastard now ha :laughing:


I know there’s:

  • Forumosa Friends (is it worth paying for?)
  • Asian Friend Finder (do locals actually use this website? It seems to be geared towards foreigners looking for a quick bang :stuck_out_tongue: )

Do you guys know any else? I can’t read Chinese that well, so Chinese sites might be out of the question.


Taiwan Friend Finder . com is pretty good

got both chinese and english

got both expats and locals :slight_smile:


This site seems to be part of the WorldFriends network, so it’s basically the same (= same people, same site) as Forumosa Friends (or HeyPersonals for example).

Charmander, maybe give a description what you are looking for, and why you want to look for it online (vs. the “classical” ways of getting to know people)?

Basically, all of these sites allow you to register for free, and get a first impression of people inside… based on what you want, you can then decide to pay, which generally seems to be necessary (at least as a guy) to actively contact people.

I payed for Forumosa Friends for a while before going to Taiwan, because I wanted to make sure I already know some locals with similar interests (Music, …) to hang out with. My impression was that many very different people (guys as well as gals) use this website, so the chance of finding someone compatible should be good for you. I wasn’t looking for a date (or sex) there, though, so I can’t comment on how good it is for those purposes. Many people there seem to be in relationships (even if not indicating on their profile), and in my case noone pushed hard in any direction other than friendship. Could be just me being to ugly, though :wink: So for generally getting to know people it seems good to me.

From other people’s experience I can add: Locals reportedly also use Facebook, MySpace, MSN messenger, Wretch.CC, Tealit, Tagged, esl99, AdultFriendFinder / AsianFriendFinder to find dates - with the latter two geared towards sexual contacts, though. and probably myriads of other ways, of course also (and mostly) offline.

So I guess it depends on your situation and wishes whats best for you :wink:


I know a married couple that met through Forumosa Friends. :slight_smile:


They used a dating site to get married???
That’s so wholesome.


Not that this thread deserves a serious response, but yes, I met my husband on

You get out of such a service what you put into it, provided also that your bullshit meter is up and running.

The sites are really only another way to identify someone who might be willing to meet you. You still have to do the same work after you meet to determine what will happen with the relationship, if anything.


I have used Asia Friend Finder and the Adult one quoted here. For what its worth the Asia version got me a lot more hook ups over a number of years than the adult one ever did - I think there is extra pressure involved because the adult site sells itself as a hook up site whilst the “tamer version” has less expectations on both sides.

I met my wife through online dating and we now have a gorgeous little lad. I don’t think it matters how you meet if you are meant to be together you will find each other.


I think dating sites are a little weird, like a virtual meat market. However I do not think meeting a spouse or lover online is strange at all. Way back in the day people used to fall in love via pen-pals or other “non-conventional” courtship rituals. Whether for meeting new people, exchanging letters, finding good singles events, or just keeping in touch using VOIP I think the internet is outstanding for helping romance.


Everyone seems to know about Friends Forumosa, but OkCupid is better built. You’ll be matched according the questions you answer and there are fun personality tests. You can also message people for free, and it’s English friendly.


Everyone seems to know about Friends Forumosa, but OkCupid is better built. You’ll be matched according the questions you answer and there are fun personality tests. You can also message people for free, and it’s English friendly.[/quote]

Thanks monkeybiziness…

Do you have any experiences from that website???


I have more experience with Friend Forumosa than Okcupid since I just started using it. Friend Forumosa… I can go on and on about my bad experiences. Let’s just say I think some of the paid members probably get a lot of messages and let it sink into their heads because they’re the only ones people can write to and vice versa, so they’re a bit flaky and disrespectful. This is just my experience though and I’m sure there are better people out there in the Friend Forumosa world.

What I like best about Okcupid is it’s easier to tell what a person might be like in person. The profile shows their personality more. You make a profile about yourself, post a photo, and then answer questions. Once you answer a few questions (as many as you like), it will give you % of how much you match with a person as friends, enemies, and dating according to how others have answered their questions. This is the coolest part. The other good thing is you can IM them, send messages, or just a wink. Then you can take fun personality tests like random trivia, IQ, what kind of cartoon character you are, etc. and see how people have answered theirs. It seems good for both dating and becoming friends (just maybe not as Chinese friendly?). The people I’ve been in contact with so far seem pretty cool, but I’ve been able to use more judgment by the way the website is built. Whoever made it, did a good job and it’s totally free.


any more sites guys? keep em coming. =)


dateinasia .com

it’s free, no subscription whatsoever.


@jenessa- what do you mean by special section for Taiwan? where do i get to see that?=) thanks.