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The son of one of my wife’s relatives has obtained a position in a software company in the Taipei area, and will be working in the Overseas Marketing and Development division. His placement in this division is no doubt due to his fluent English language skills. (His Chinese skills are also good, having been born and raised in Taiwan. He attended elementary school here and then later transferred to an English language program in junior high school.)

I am wondering if the technology-savvy people on could recommend various online education or other informative websites that he should be aware of?

On the one hand, he may be interested in learning more computer skills to help with his daily job work, on the other hand he no doubt has a need to improve his knowledge of marketing strategies in the information technology field. His company designs large software programs, which are built around databases with (in some cases) tens of millions of entries. In the future, they hope to expand their sales of this software to overseas markets. To date, they have been very successful in marketing their software in Taiwan, both to private companies and to government agencies.

As should be apparent from the above description, this person is not involved in the actual task of writing computer code. At the present time however, he has been assigned a number of reports (including Powerpoint presentations) to translate into English. Some of the technical Chinese terminology therein is also proving quite challenging. I am not sure how to advise him of the best way to deal with that problem either.

Well, any suggestions on the issues I have raised above would be appreciated.

Can’t help on translating technical terms or anything else, but one of the best resources today on internet marketing, particularly if this is a clearly differentiated product, and more so if his target market is a particular niche, is

There’s a lot of useful and free starter information there about Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing as well as some stuff on display ad tactics, Facebook marketing, etc. etc.

All-in-all modern, purely “white-hat” type of internet marketing can be summarized this way:

May be have a look to the great MIT OpenCourseWare