Online Hotel Bookings

Which website(s) have you used to book hotels in Asia?

Does anyone have any experience with Good or bad?

I am trying to book hotels in Thailand, and am finding the rates cheaper online than what were given to me through a supposed “package deal” by my travel agent… :s

I often use and and only made good experiences so far.

I have found it is cheaper to read about the hotels on these Web sites, then contact the hotels directly and try to get a discount.

Flicka’s right in most instances.

But for China hotels specifically. Ctrip are good for both flights and hotels. But then Chinese hotel prices can vary outrageously depending on when you turn up. Best to check the online, the hotel and other services, like for China the China Travel Service. Especially if you happen to be heading there from HK.

For Macau, the touts around the HK-Macau ferry terminal in HK simply cannot be beaten.

For Thailand, if you can get a Thai friend to book, you’d be astonished at the difference in price. Problem is there’s likely to be a bit of settlement presuure once they see you are a foreigner.